Billy Boy Releases Luo Song, Odiero



  • Tehehehe, Billy this is very funny and very intresting at the same time; I love it,,,,,, keep the hard work; Bro

  • Billy Boy, you are a really creative entertainer, so just continue being productive. Am impressed with this number.

  • Billy Boy is in it again!Congrats maze. Language is no barrier in music, yenye ni poa, kip it up. like Odero said it, you are a creative guy. Hoppas tutapatana soon so that you can tell more bout the song, juu mi nimejijazia zangu in kikuyu.

  • G-RUFF ondiek the song is a milestone to jokanyanam,if….only it can be played in Kisumucity!? The number is simply impressive,

  • Although l don’t understand any word, l have listened to his earlier songs and l really admire his spirits…..keep it up babaa…..ur hard work is paying….guidance.

  • hio ni Danger! No comment!

  • Billy really hardcore if you decide to.This is far away different from what i hear ,,This is Billy boy. You amaze me, keep it up Bro..Respect.

  • Billy boy congrats,i can i magine you are atually potraying the real african man life style in stockholm which many have gone thruogh including me,congrats mazee keep it on

  • Omera,nitie thum ,kendi nitie thum.Koro onego wgo uru thum .Mano ekaka.Thum nyaka yuagi kendo bedo mamit.
    Wuod Luo

  • There is prose and there is poetry,l find myself befuddled b this “Odiero” should l catalogue it as prose or poetry ,because rythm it does lack.Belching topical issues for the sake of it ends up making no sense.Leys get some groove in our twang

  • @ Otieno odera, the brother is trying hard to do something concrete which i can say is much more that you can ever do. My question must you always be negative???? Sometimes you have to give a tap on the shoulder where its worth. Well he is no Jayze but atleast he is trying hard to do his thing in the Odiero land, how about you, what are you doing we will be very glad to congratulate you anytime any day due to your contributions to the society. Don’t you think alittle growing up is needed on your side, year in year out you always the same, it’s a hig time you identify yourself with some positive attitude, this negativity will kill alive.

  • Tony, you never seize to amaze me and others I guess. Grow up man, it’s not to late for you.

  • Tony Odera is always asleep and behind the reality of kenya-stocky.Billy Boy just hold your head high and do ur thang.4get about this idle man calld tony.

  • Bill, Kindly let me know how I can acquire a CD copy, or two of your Odiero. Do I have to pay in advance or as I receive? Your contribution makes me really proud. Keep up the spirit and let it flow… oh..I don’t understand a word apart from Kisum.. and the language of rhythm and feelings embedded in Odiero. Thumbs up brother!

  • For real who or what is this Otieno Odera?? By the way how long has he been living in Europe? & on top of that, what has he accomplished that Kenyans abroad can recognize?? Coz i never heard of him…may be when he needs harambee & all that. I never heard Billyboy hosting a harambee or needing help from anyone, the brother always doing his things on his own with his own ideas, unlike some other empty debes made of much noise! Otieno Odera, go back home!! if you have nothing to present us or uplift your fellows with! We need builders here not destroyers!!!!!Kubaff!!!

  • Kila Mutuu nilikwa na ngojea ku nyanyasawa.It goes on on to put on show simple minds.Please write your true identitities then we can a open forum for reasonable debate.I never did say that the the song was not nice ,only it does does not appeal to the folks who it should ,no beat,bizarre et al.
    Otieno Odera
    Ean Wuod Luo

  • Otieno Odera, I wonder if you understand luo, this song is smartly written, you talking of poetry, look in a dictionary/ encyclop..for your own good.Curiosity,Ignorance combined with jelousy is suicidal.
    i didn’t expect you to be that stupid! ofcourse at a certain degree but not this STUPID!! You can’t reach the level of Billy even if you start working had for it 247 for teh years from now.That young man knows what he is doing! I understand the song fully & it has much sense & good teachings in it.And as i see it, i do believe now that the idiot he is talking about in the song is You!

  • i can’t blame tony, he needs a new harambee for his brain abroad aint doing him well, he gets air in dragging down people .that just shows how the brother is lost abroad, after failing to accomplish his dreams(by trying to crush others who are managing).Billy came to sweden as i know long after tony & managed to top most of the ones he found decaying here without ambitions & are converts of alcoholism.The guy is independent, not like many social welfare decade dwellers.Billy keep it up! you make us proud!

  • Tony tony,I gues you just lack people to arrest any more,I gues if Billy was rapping in your days as a cop you would arrest him,let Billy express his talent

  • Was expected .such was my intention to stir.Made my day .Keep the heat up ang get some stuff operating instead of talking Tony down .We should as a people come to a consensus of what is music or just paln trash

  • tony is always high on wiid/sigara kubwa na pombe so cant think streit.there were days when he played the guitar for the fun of it but produced nothing except expressions of drunkeness.if he has to condemn Billy Boy for his song,then he has to do it in teh right way instead of hating.he needs help for his confused mind.

  • Tony is naturally stupid plus his disease is now attacking his brain….we kind of understand him…let him get some air…the brother lost his battles longtime…no wonder he sits on his computer (idle) tracking the net looking for petty strings to hang on….. Mlevi + mjinga divideby ugonjwa = disaster waiting to happen…..Tony we waiting for you to call a new harambee….

  • Otieno Odera is so foolish ,leave him alone.

  • Interestng that my public acceptance of hiv/aids has become an issue to distort what is me .That shows the level of inhibitions among them so called “commentors”.i would add just be real and say a song is sad.
    Ean Wuod Luo
    Otieno Odera

  • The guy claims learned, cannot even spell kunyanyaswa..Lol.kunyanyasawa (Kila Mutuu nilikwa na ngojea ku nyanyasawa). This shows how the guy leaps before thinking. Idiocracy is his key. The guy is a waste product (can’t be recycled or renewed).Hes like a secondhand toilet paper being reused repeatedly in shit wiping, over & over disgust me!

  • Stupid Antony Otieno Odera,nobody is distorting what is u by mentioning ur HIV status.what peeps are saying is give ur utoto and ujinga a break by behaving your age.U are homeless despite being in sweden for 10yrs coz ur’e a social mess.u shud lie low like an envelope with that sick mzungu alcoholic woman u r currently with.there are so many HIV+ Kenyans who wake up daily and work hard yet u have always lived on others and the swedish that other people appreciate Billy Boy,all u do is show ur filth by hating him then seek attention for nonsense at KSB.

  • the mjinga Tony Odera will always add stupid comments at KSB,showing how foolish he is.he is a complete sucker who depends on others,neva works and drinks a lot of alcohol that is destroying his thinking capacity because he combines it with toxic HIV+ medicine which he does not take regularly coz he is always someboby put it,he might soon need brain surgery.tony is just jealous of Billy Boy and others because he has achieved nothing both here and in Kenya.

  • Simply put ,you deserve no comment Nyarkisum .l would have thought its KISUMO
    Omera nyako ,ka in nyako koro bi wa chwadre e pap mondo oneni
    Ean Wuod Luo
    Otieno Odera

  • As usual tony wants his 2 minutes of fame so as to spoil for Billy Boy’s song promotion.he will be bombed here until he stops displaying his old,rugged and hateful thinking.Tony is just a useless piece of garbage adding nothing to himself by being in Sweden.

  • so y cant tony relise a song of his liking with rythm so that he proves to be beta than Billy Boy?No he cant coz he only knows how to hate others.let him do one good thing worth praising for and he shall be appreciated.

  • @tony iwinjo, ifuo ka guok! ang’o omiyo in gi nyiego gi jaluo wadu? in ang’o misetimo loka kae ma jii oneno? Li’ng Thi! Am not in the class of meeting you e pap. i know you too well! you are an IDIOT! Its like Billy is talking about you in the song (jarate’ng moro kanyo, pako odiero kaka Ruoth).

  • Thanks Osewe for the moments they are treasures

    KSB: Welcome Tonny.

  • why and why tony wud you just diss Billy Boy’s song without being objective???what wud you say about instruments like kamba nane,drums,ohangla songs and simply instruments that still produce award winning songs?It is the meaning behind this particular song that matters.seems Nyakisum is right that Billy is hitting back on u for praising Odiero women blindly.too late to teach an old dog like u.

  • Tho, Nyar Kisum,iloso kabisa ,to en ango`ma omiyo ok ikawo “contructive criticism”in to duoko mana gi ayany ,mos Nyarwa.If you indeed have thesaid class then stand and be counted.As for ptogrammes l have initiated they speak for themselves .Do some reading.It would be a measy check up dince you have class

  • And by the way Kaniau ,the Mzungu woman is not and has never drank ,so stop feedng yourself on loads of unsubstantiated gossip.For posterity put your real names ,it helps when replying ,because l may raise the bar to high for some of the filth coming through

  • fuck the hell out off all

  • Tony Odera u have a lot of time to contradict your own approach to Billy Boy.after your unfounded attacks, you dare write that nyakisum was not constructive?U sure are washed out.Only wish u could do beta.we know that some africans u worked with in the advocacy program in Stocky are miles ahead while u are stuck with attacking Billy Boy.Attack your age-mates and those u are equal with,lest we keep querying what u do in real life.By the way, the F the hell comment u wrote shows how desperate and caged u r.

  • Billy Boy your song is already loved in Kenya so just work hard in promoting it.

  • Tony can’t be saved…Even after jugdementday obvious God has rejected him longtime..I wouldn’t be surprised if satan rejects him too..where will he go?? Rotten to the core!!

  • Its so nice ,Nyar Kisum,imiya mana mor ,kak dhi mbele

  • Tony Odera, at your age and now eroded education,u shud know when to stop replying to matas otherwise u come out more foolish.this was Billy Boy’s thread but ur mess with silly comments on his music changed the focus to u.the more u reply,the more pple come out jabbing.I know u will reply to this,so keep exposing the fool in u.and u really are a loser.

  • I do not support Tony, neither can I stand him, but I think as an artist you will face all kinds of critisism, some to ur advantage, some not..Tony has expressed his view to the music and to Billie boy as an artist, not neccesarily being personal.The problem is, most of us take critisism or rejection very personally, Billie Boy, I admire what u r doing, I’m not a fan of luo “rap” though,only because I am kinda old fashion, but I belive there are pple out there who’d love to listen to u.
    The choice is urs u either listen to the critisism and decide wether it holds any value, if it does then learn from it, or discard it and move on.

  • Tony Odera first criticized Billy Boy in Dholuo (comment #9) and the trash he wrote was offensive. That is why those hitting him hard with words are right. He then added in English more rubbish on comment #10. If he is too OLD to understand the lyrics then he should not comment because it would be equal to playing the same to a deaf person (no offence).

    What did Tony mean by – Belching topical issues for the sake of it ends up making no sense – This kind of ‘critique’ borders upon insult and has nothing to do with the quality of Billy’s music.

  • Tony is a dreaming camel, stuck in a very dry desert. Not even having water to drink and have no idea of the a dream in true reality is impossible, but this idiot thinks its possible (meaning he ain’t getting anywhere).Billyboy’s song is already loved with those who understand his perspective and many are ready to buy, which is itching Tony.Coz why should a young guy like Billy get attention while a so called expired old dog who needs attention most ain’t getting any? Tony! go to the old peoples home, there surely you will get attention. They can change your dipers and feed you liquid food, coz you proove to be so imature. The imatures in your age are in these homes. Sincerely no hard feelings, Think about it! you are the perfect candidate!

  • I feel u, nyakisum, this man is a menace to the society.we need to cleanout all rotten,filthy roots of destructive forces amongst kenyans in stockholm! no wonder other africans managed to stay ahead of us(e.g kenyans have no own club while peeps like gambians had their tendabar).whilst we claim more learned than them…coz of peeps like Tony, Fuck You Tony! weather u like it or not, We always gonna love Billy! He has always had the balls to repesent us! Were you in upsala reggae festival when he performed there? Obviously not, the guy did a good job (meaning he fucked many west indian bands there). i as a kenyan i felt proud!! So, Fuck u Tony!!!!

  • I forgot my conclusion..(coz of this idiot Tony) This Song is a HIT….it shows on the debate here…The haters the song is talking about cannot even hold themselves. One is shinning out himself without his knowledge! what a idiot! Otherwise @ Billyboy you did a good job here! keep it coming air them all!!!

  • Guys! guys! hold on, the focus here is Billy’s music not how stupid Tony is. We all know Tony and giving him this publicity however negative is not helping the original fact. He has made his critism and stands for it, ok, lets forget the hell about it and focus on Billy instead.
    @ Nyakisum, im beginning to querry your values and class that tony is refering to, so much ill insults coming from you, very imature i must say and soon there will be no difference between you n Tony, the only difference will be the signed names: Just for the record how does it make you feel when you insult someone like that under alias name; why not be true to yourself and sign your real name least tony will know who you are coz as it is he seem to be answering to some flat face screen.

    KSB: Well said. Sometimes I feel like closing down the comments and sometimes I rewind and note that the plunge had been made. This kind of maturity is what is needed here. A voice of sanity. Thanks.

  • End of topic playd out for the mindleless publicity seekers .I thank God for creatinting to be so reviled-

  • Billu boy aspire to create rythms and tunes all can get a groove with

  • With comment #49, Tony has given up the fight.Msema ukweli this is not the 1st time tony is making a fool out of himself.The negative publicity he gets wud not be there if he had not first insulted Billy.Go back to his 1st comment.The focus was Billy Boy until tony exposed his usual stupidity.and by the way u r also not using ur original name. Nyakisum,Tony got personal with u so keep giving it to him!

  • Billy Boy has 20 KSB votes showing how popular his song is.meanwhile,Tony is sinking in his bowl of booze.

  • Tony.. loser, didn’t acquire anything, now fighting those whose doing something with their lives,whose not even on his class. Poor old rugged dog!

  • Tony would never get to Billy’s level in his lifetime.i wonder why should he even try the drastic move that he just took? you must be stupid(sorry for my langauge) according to the threads i have been reading here at Ksb on Billyboy’s release.You exposed your self in a very stupid way,whilst thinking you are smart.

  • @Tony, my friend i know in your days you didn’t listen to rap &U have no idea of what its all about. so i don’t blame you being out of the present living on your oldschool ways.But you have to understand Billy is not in your so called zilizopendwa times.He is doing the so called new school, so if you can’t deal with it, You are in the wrong world & period of time. No hard feelings! Think about it!

  • i can’t hold myself, too much reality in this those who get the codes. Billyboy good jOB!

  • Got some rough interpretation of Bill’s new realese. I LIKE IT but many would gather courage to concur with Emma Goldman in her saying that, if you cannot dance to it, it’s most likely not your revolution. Billy Boy.. you rock!

  • Tony ni shonde na ana vivu
    Tony ni mlevi ameshindwa na maisha
    Tony ni useless makelele zaidi
    Tony mlala hoi kashindwa na maisha
    Tony ni kafiri going nowhere
    Tony piny ochamo iye lit kod Billy
    Tony ni mjinga kazi yake kwisha

    KSB: Jameni, what is happening. Why can’t we use KSB for communication instead of matusi? I have not been writing anything for 2 days because I am bored with some commentators.

  • yes this song, can be understood in many different ways.If you x-ray the general concept it contains which is hidden,its revolutionary & empowering. diggin it.

  • The blog is doing good Osewe. 4-get about the 8-4-4 drop outs and their shit and give me something for the Easter. It’s time to follow up the “woman paper maker”. Please…

  • How can u guys abuse mtu with his sickness? Ngai fafa, i feel like vomitting. IMETOSHA.

    KSB: By the way Tosha, what do you do when someone comes to yr den and shits on your table?

  • @ Caroline; You seem to be forgetting something here, most of the newsmakers here are actually 8-4-4 drop outs, in other words you are kinda intressted in their shit.

    Well I agree with Croline as per the continuity of the woman paper maker saga, it’s about time, feel us in. She too needs some dose from the comentators.

  • @Caroline, you are on the wrong page. theres nothing to do with 8-4-4 here. Read the headline, its about billy’s release which has nothing to do with the topic you are trying to apply.

  • Am wondering, whats happening with kenyans in i understand its true as many say e.g odhys , some people are using Billy’s song to sought their personal differences & agendas. our brother here has been doing a good job long before many realised, unlike others who prevail in others shadows. i have been reading comments on Billy’s song & what i see is hate & agony. This brethren needs his fellow countrymates to promote him, not fight over his acheivements! The only ones really supporting are countable, like; Flo, Odero, njoro & Ole ngais..the rest are spark creators!

    KSB: What about me who brought it here?

  • @doncolco,wewe wacha, i am one of Billyboy’s best supporters, when you naming his supporters you have to read the comments vigorously. mbona umeniwacha if u speak kiswa/ why didin’t u include me in your comment? Re-read the comments again!

  • Hey Osewe/KSB, sorry i didn’t mention u, if someone should be praised for bringing Billy’s song to the Kenyanstockholm surface area, you should get most of the credits for that, coz many don’t know who Billyboy really is (Low profile guy always seen in kenyan events underground mostly).Not knowing what he is capable of! Now many are starting to get shocked, coz no one ever knows where or which tribe he is from, i always have beleived he is a kyuk..Lol.

  • This song is a killer!!!!

  • Got a brief interpretation abt the song, the guy smart!

  • Billyboy we love you, This song is a milestone like a brother said. Wan joluo man kodi!

  • This song is wonderful, i’d like to buy it. how could i get a copy. love it.

  • This song is killing me!!! can’t stop listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • omera wii rach!when i listened to this song at first,its like i didn’t x-ray it properly. the more i listen to it the more i get stuck, too much reality on this odiero land & you submit it frankly as a true african should.Billyboy jatelo ing’ongo thura!!!

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