Late Owili’s Death Announcement in Daily Nation

Owili death announcement

Find the link HERE


  • It is good indeed that this information has arrived in good time. I have relatives like my mother, grandmother and grandmother’s uncle who actually studied with the late. I suppose the funeral details are now furnished to a far extent if they would like to attend.

    As I have mentioned, I knew the Late as a good friend regardless of the age gap, but his departure made me realise how much we shared in common. I must say it is very unfortunate that he had to depart for the community to get together in the manner they did. Never before have I seen members of the Kenya-Stockholm community get together as they did on the funeral on a social basis. (considering I didn’t attend Agwambo’s meeting). If only we could meet like that more often on a happier occasions and not only in somber moods, I believe the community would evolve tremendously.

    Last but not least, I must also admit that I’m very flattered that the very same image I scanned and edited on my simple scanner made it all the way to the tabloids for the whole of Kenya to view. It’s the least I could do for such a good friend of mine. We’ll all miss him dearly.

  • *relatives like my father, grandmother, mother’s uncle

  • *as they did on the ‘grand harambee'(not funeral)

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