Brother Muirani Appeals For Kenya Prayers

I would like to welcome Mr. Okoth Osewe’s comments on whether Kenyans in Stockholm

Bother Githuku wa Muirani

Brother Githuku wa Muirani

should turn to prayers as the solution to the many problems we do undergo here in this country.

As a Christian, I do believe that prayers can move mountains and that’s why am supporting, whole heartedly, Osewe’s comments.

When Jesus Christ started his Ministry in Galilee, his disciples one time asked him to teach them how to pray. That’s how Jesus came up with the Lord’s prayer. In part of the Lord’s prayer, it says: “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”.

The world we are living in today is full of temptations and all other types of evil. God, who is our creator, also created Satan who is the father of all evil. God also gave human beings the choice of doing good (God’s work) or bad (the devil’s work).

Why do people fall into temptations and do evil things? In the book of Genesis, we are told that when God created Adam and then Eve, they were forbidden not to eat one fruit and when the serpent lured Eve into eating that fruit, the blame game started there and it has been there since then.

When God created a helper to Adam, he was very happy but when God asked Adam why he has eaten the fruit, he said it’s the woman you gave me and in turn the woman blamed the serpent (Satan).

As human beings, we are very good in judging others and we do that according to what we hear and see but not according to what we cannot hear or see. That’s why Jesus said that “he who has never sinned should throw the first stone”. Nobody did that because all of us have “skeletons” in our closets.

When Jesus was crucified, we are told that one of the thieves went to paradise with him because he did acknowledge his sins and confessed them to God, but the people of the world had and did condemned him to death.

Ambassador Purity Muhindi, like any other human being, may have committed many mistakes (am not holding brief for her), but do we keep on condemning her or pray for her?

Those of us who are Christians are taught to pray for our enemies and even do good to those who do bad things unto us. All of us have a part to play in this world and God created each and every one with a purpose and role to play in this world.

The former Ambassador, Michael Arap Sergon, really opened the Embassy to Kenyans because prior to that, Prof. Idha Salim, Sergon’s predecessor, had surrounded himself with some sycophants (the Kamothos, Aringos etc) during the times of KANU ni mama na baba.

By taking Osewe’s challenge – whether we should turn to Bagarmossen (read church) and as a member of that church (Bagarmossen Outreach Ministry), first and foremost, I should give Glory, Honour and Praise to God because of giving us a place where we can congregate and worship the Almighty God.

We are so grateful to God because during the post elections violence, we did organize an inter- denominational prayer meeting to pray for peace in our country and God really answered our prayers because sanity returned to our country.

For any healing to take place, it has to start with oneself by praying to God for forgiveness because unless one does that, it will be impossible to forgive one another. Love is the only solution to many negative situations and if one asks “who is God”, God is love because love do cover a multitude of sins.

I take this opportunity to thank God because of his kindness and mercy and all the other Kenyans who have stood with my family during the difficult times of trials and other tribulations.

Mr Osewe, you are a creation of God and you did really have a major task in God’s kingdom. God created you with a purpose. Regardless of the way we see you as a human being, God loves you and he sees you as one of his sons.

Bagarmossen Outreach Ministries do meet every Sunday at 14.30-17.00, and we do welcome everyone regardless of race and creed. We do normally have prayer meetings each and every Friday, at individual’s homes and we can go anywhere upon request.

May the Almighty God be praised and honoured all the times. May bGod bless you all and let us embark on praying for one another.

NB. All this views reflects my opinion and not that of Bagarmossen Outreach Ministry.

Bro. Githuku Wa Muirani,
Bagarmossen Church Member


  • Muirani, this is well said. I hope Kenyans will digest your kind words of wisdom and learn to forgive.

  • One thing I don’t really understand is whether Mr. Muirani is a Pastor or a brother and whether he knows the difference. could Mr. Muirani tell me this thing because I saw him drinking soon after someone introduced him as Pastor Muirani. I know some Pastors also drink but I am just wondering the case of Muirani because he has become very Godly of late. He preaches well but what is the status?

  • Dr. Mwangi, am a God’s creation and so being Godly of late does not arise.Am not a pastor but i do aspire to live and do good according to Christ’s teachings. About drinking, if you are out to look for negativity you will always finds them.Dr, you could have challenged me there and then.

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