Secret Dinner At Ambassador’s Residence

The Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mrs Purity Muhindi has organized a secret dinner at her residence for a group of Kenya dignitaries currently visiting Sweden. The dinner will be held tomorrow Friday while it is the second secret operation by the Embassy with Kenyan dignitaries in a short period of time.

According to intelligence gathered by KSB, the Ambassador has invited a carefully selected line-up of Kenyans to attend the dinner. Sources say that the list consists of key Embassy sycophants (walambaji) who have been advised not to divulge any information to anybody about the dinner.

Both ODM-Scandinavia and Narc-Kenya Scandinavia are among groups which have been left out of the event although the two branches represent the Coalition partners in Sweden.

The dinner raises fresh questions about the secretive tendency of the Embassy when dealing with public officials on official duties in Sweden. Instead of exposing them to the Kenyan community, the Embassy has chosen a line of stealth as if these officials are Kings and Queens to be worshipped.

Among the dignitaries are politicians who should have been exposed to Kenyans here to give a first-hand account of the situation with the Grand Coalition, answer questions why Kenyans were cheated by the Kriegler Commission, why MPs have refused to have their salaries taxed, why IDPs have not been resettled and made to account on other issues. KSB is following the story and will update readers accordingly.

Okoth Osewe


  • I thought a quick look at the Kenya Embassy-Stockholm blogsite could inspire my afternoon, but I have left in a jiffy because it is an eyesore.

    Why can’t Ambassador Purity Muhindi invest some cash in making the site more attractive? Many links are dead and much of the info available should be archived instead of being shown as current news. It really sucks!

    The site is Kenya’s gateway in the Nordic region, yet it leaves you tired with multi-colors painted all over. It is definitely not the Webmaster’s mistake because he can only deal with what the Embassy offers.

    Visit the website of Kenya Embassy in Japan and you will be impressed; you even get a full translation of everything in the Japanese language. But again, Ambassador Awori comes from the corporate world and fully understands what it means to market Kenya seriously in Japan.

    Purity is only good at surreptitiously planned dinners.

  • Betty I burst out laughing at your comment on Purity. That was a good one on the “crappy looking” blogsite of the Kenya-Stockholm Embassy.

    Am impressed with Ambassador Awori’s presentation of Kenya in Japan. He is a brilliant guy with a good management record in Kenya’s motor industry. No wonder there is order on his website.

    As for Ambassador Purity Muhindi, I believe she has no clue what kind of impact a well-designed website can have in shaping up her image. She controls a very large region, yet many Kenyans can’t read anything worthwhile about her representation.

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