Emanuel: Vote Of Thanks From Pastor Beatrice Kamau

On behalf of St Klara Church, Pastor Beatrice Kamau would like to thank everybody who

Praised Tanzanian Ambassador

Pastor Beatrice Kamau: Praised Tanzanian Ambassador To Sweden

responded to calls for prayers and fund raising following the sudden demise of Mr. Emanuel Seka, the Youth leader at St Klara Church who lost his life after he drowned in a lake at Södertälje in Stockholm.

Speaking to KSB, the Pastor thanked those who helped raise more than Ksh 600,000 to help in the transportation of Emanuel’s body to Tanzania for burial. The funeral is now over after Emanuel’s body was laid to rest in his home village in Tanzania. The body was accompanied by Emanuel’s girlfriend.

“I also take the opportunity to thank the administration of St Klara Church which responded with speed to the tragedy”, the Pastor said.

She also sent a message of “Thank you” to the Tanzanian Ambassador to Sweden who was one of the first people to take contact with the Church as soon as news filtered across that Emanuel had passed away.

“The Ambassador was at the first fund raising that was conducted in Södertälje and I wish to thank her for taking her time to come and mourn with us”, Pastor Beatrice told KSB.

She said that Tanzanians were lucky because they had a responsive Ambassador who is mindful of the welfare of Tanzanians in Sweden.

“I told the people of Tanzania who were at the fundraising at Södertälje that they were blessed to have an Ambassador who minded the welfare of the people of Tanzania in Sweden”, she said.

Touching on the issue of joint work between East Africans, Pastor Beatrice said that co-ordination between Tanzanians, Kenyans, Ugandans and other communities following the death of Emanuel underlined the possibilities that existed for joint work between East Africans. She called for greater contacts between the communities, adding that the community shared a common heritage as East Africans.

She said that all that had happened following the passing of Emanuel was possible because of the grace of God and hoped that more people will turn to God for guidance especially during times of crisis.

Pastor Beatrice is one of the few trained African Pastors in Stockholm, having studied Theology at Uppsala University.

Okoth Osewe


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