Man Keegan Is Back From Kenya

Man Keegan Kagwe, the European Representative of Chama Cha Mwananchi (CCM) has just returned from Kenya. KSB had a brief exchange with man Keegan about the situation in Kenya, his Party and his view on KSB. 

KSB: You have just been to Kenya. What is your view about the latest situation in the country?

KEEGAN: Well, the situation in Kenya seems rather tense though there is a sign that normality is coming back slowly and since the signing of the peace pact between Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga and  H.E President Mwai Kibaki, things are getting better day by day.

KSB: You were on the ground for some time. Do you think the peace agreement will stick under the current circumstances?

KEEGAN: For sure after being on the ground for some time, I think that the peace pact will stick because both Hon Raila and President Kibaki have sworn to put away their personal and political difference and concentrate on reconciliation process of building one strong and peaceful Kenya for the benefit of all Kenyans.

KSB: What is your view on tribalism in Kenya and do you think it has worsened after the general elections?

KEEGAN: Trabalism has never been an issue in Kenya until recently because as a matter of fact, Kenyans have been living peacefully together since independence and even intermarriages between Kenyans of different tribes is very common so it’s only some few dirty politicians who are trying  to divide Kenyans.

KSB: From your point of view, how should the country move forward?

KEEGAN: I would just repeat what the chief mediator Honorable former UN Secretary General Dr Kofi Annan said during the peace agreement signing. It’s time to forget the past and open a new chapter in Kenya, a chapter of peace and reconciliation process. This is because it’s only Kenyans who can save the country.

KSB: You are a leading member of CCM. What is the position of the Party in relation to the post election crisis?

KEEGAN: As one of CCM leaders, I think I speak on behalf of my Party and we all agree that both Hon Raila and President Kibaki should share power equally because we all know that the Prime Minister’s  seat  is the most powerful seat in the House.

KSB: Your Party leader, Koigi wa Wamwere, was defeated at the polls. What were the main reasons why Wamwere failed to make it to Parliament despite his known popularity?

KEEGAN: Let me say frankly that gone are the days when Kenyans used to vote for someone because one had a big name or call it sympathy voting. This time Kenyans have realized that one has to deliver or show some maendeleo in the home area otherwise you are out. That’s why you saw  those big names like Koigi, Njenga Karume, Wangari Maathai etc, losing their respective seats.

KSB: Your Sec-gen has recently been in Sweden. Had he a political or personal agenda?

KEEGAN: I met my Secretary General Mr Dick Kamau here  shortly before I left for Nairobi and he had come for some personal matters  regarding his family. He also joined me in Nairobi just some few days before I came back to Stockholm.

KSB: CCM has been very quiet after the elections. Why?

KEEGAN: Well I can’t say for sure why but as far as I am concerned, CCM is still a young political Party in Kenya and as time goes by it will grow and become one Strong force, hopefully in future.

I think that KSB should work more on uniting Kenyans here in Sweden. I realized that KSB is even very popular in Kenya as more Kenyans are browsing Kenyan websites about Kenyans in  European countries.

Okoth Osewe