Juliet Kavinga’s Suspected Killer Set Free

The Late Juliet Kavinga 

A Swedish national suspected to have killed Juliet Kavinga, a Kenyan woman who was murdered in May 2005, is free. A Swedish appeals court ruled that there is no new evidence that could lead to a conviction. Fresh evidence that had been collected by the prosecution did not have any impact on a previous judgment that set the Swede free.

KSB is processing the decision by the Appeals court and it will be brought to readers as soon as it becomes available. Juliet’s sister, Susan, is currently in Sweden, having arrived in the country last year to follow the case. She has however avoided meeting Wakenya due to unknown reasons.

For many Africans and Kenyans alike, the acquittal on the Juliet case by the Appeals court is further evidence that the Swedish Justice system is unjust especially to Africans. Africans have been losing cases linked to racism and discrimination on a routine basis even in the face of heavy evidence. When the appeal opened, there was fresh hope that Juliet’s killer might be nailed. That hope has now evaporated.

Okoth Osewe