Kiboi’s Body Released To Family

The body of the late Kenyan diplomat Mr. James Kiboi has been released to the family. Kari Monsen, a police officer at Vestby Police station 50Km from Oslo, Norway, told Kenya Stockholm Blog that an investigation into the fire has been completed but added that the Fire report has not yet arrived at the police station from the Fire technical department. “I cannot comment on the cause of the fire because I haven’t seen the report yet”, she said.

Kari said that the police is treating the fire as a normal accident. “We are not investigating it as a murder case”, she told KSB. She said that the police are also not looking at any possible “conflicts” between Kiboi and anybody else because they are mainly interested in what caused the fire.

“Once the report arrives at my office, I will be able to give more information about what it contains”, she said. Kari was specific that the police report will not be handed over to anybody because it is not a public document.

Members of Mr. Kiboi’s family have been given a go ahead to travel to Norway to view the body. A brief report that was given yesterday by the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mr. Daniel Kinyanjui at Kiboi’s house indicated that Kiboi’s body will not be brought to Sweden but will be flown to Kenya directly for burial.

A source in Kenya told KSB that Professor George Saitoti, a former Vice president, is one of the people concerned about the circumstances surrounding Mr. Kiboi’s death. Kiboi’s family members in both Stockholm and Kenya, together with the Kenyan community in Sweden are asking many questions about the circumstances surrounding the diplomat’s death. However, from the line of police investigations, it appears as though these questions might never be answered by the Police report.

A leading theory that has been advanced by a group of Kenyans in Norway is that Kiboi might have been killed but, according to police, there is little evidence to enable them pursue this line of investigation. Kenyans who were surrounding Kiboi during his last moments have refused to go public with what they know while others are harassing and intimidating colleagues who wanted to call a Press conference to outline what happened. A Norwegian man and three Kenyan women have been on the frontline in suppressing sensitive information. KSB has been unable to release bits of information because those who gave it have changed their minds about its release.

Okoth Osewe

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