Ambassador Kinyanjui Preparing To Leave For Kenya

Kinyanjui at a function at Sheraton 

The Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Daniel Mukiri Kinyanjui is preparing to leave for Kenya after being recalled by President Mwai Kibaki a few months ago. The Ambassador will be replaced by Purity Wakiuru Muhindi, a career diplomat.

Muhindi is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and sociology from Nairobi University and a post graduate diploma in International relations and mass communication.

It is still not yet clear when Mr. Kinyanjui will leave for Kenya but sources close to the Embassy told Kenya Stockholm blog that the Ambassador will travel in a few weeks time. “He is already packing his belongings and it is just a matter of time before he departs”, a source told Kenya Stockholm Blog.

Kenya Social Forum in Sweden (Kesofo) is planning a farewell party for the Ambassador although the date and venue has not been fixed. “We will have to confirm with the Ambassador if he will be available for the party before we can make any announcement”, Mr. Daniel Mwaura, Kesofo Vice chairperson told Kenya Stockholm Blog. Mr. Mwaura said that the idea of hosting a farewell party for the Ambassador has been under discussion within Kesofo leadership and promised to get back to Kenya Stockholm Blog as soon as details emerged.

Ambassador Kinyanjui was recalled after the end of his four year “tour of duty”. During his reign at the Embassy, he adopted a high level of dexterity in his dealings with Kenyans. He assumed office at a time when criticism against the Kenyan government by opposition politicians in Stockholm was at its lowest following the Narc take over.

His successor, Purity, is taking over at a difficult time when support for the Narc government in Stockholm has waned while attacks against the government by political groupings is growing. Compared to Kinyanjui, purity will have to walk a much more “tighter rope” in Stockholm because she will lack the advantage of “good-will” Kinyanjui rode upon to calm the turbulent storms of Stockholm.   

Okoth Osewe

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