statement from the “james ochieng nyambok committee” regarding fund-raising arrangements to help transport ochieng’s body to kenya


On behalf of the Nyambok family, the “James Ochieng Nyambok Committee” welcomes your support and solidarity since the news about Ochieng’s passing was broken by the family. Many thanks for your messages of condolences and words of comfort to Ochieng’s family.

Following the sad news, relatives, friends, well-wishers and sympathisers who knew and loved Ochieng set up a support Committee to help address the key emerging issues as a process of mourning also got underway.

The Committee was formed in consultation with Ochieng Nyambok’s families in Sweden and Kenya. In Sweden, the Committee’s family contact is Millicent Nyambok, Ochieng’s widow while in Kenya, the Committee is in touch with Oyuga Odada.


The Committee comprises Gideon Odada (Chairman), Frank Odhiambo (Vice Chairman), Daphine Achieng (Treasurer) Jane Odada (Vice Treasurer), Odhiambo Opee (Secretary), Nicholas Odhiambo (Organizing Secretary) and Okoth Osewe (Information Desk).

Ordinary Committee members are: Abonyo Omiti, Thatcher Odada, Boy Agunda, Clay Onyango, Hellen Opwapo, Albinus Odada and Danne Nyambok.


The task of the Nyambok Committee in Stockholm is two-pronged – to raise money for the transportation of the late Ochieng’s body to Kenya for final internment and to raise funds for Ochieng’s nuclear family members in Sweden to travel to Kenya to attend the funeral.

Needless to say, the Committee is also tasked with mobilising comfort, moral and spiritual support to the bereaved family, provide solace and mourn with them during this very difficult time marked with great pain and deep sorrow.


Due to the Covid-19 situation, general regulations and safety measures, the Committee will be balancing between physical and virtual meetings as the situation may permit. 

Current Swedish Covid-19 regulations do not allow for a meeting of more than 8 people in a room, and the Committee will respect this regulation.


Since its establishment, the Committee has been consulting closely on various issues. So far Odhiambo Opee “Junior” has been tasked with the responsibility of seeking a suitable Funeral Agency to take care of paperwork related to the transportation of Ochieng Nyambok’s body to Kenya. 

The agency will also take care of contacts with Swedish authorities to address any issues that needs to be cleared before Ochieng’s body is transported to Kenya. Junior is expected to submit a comprehensive report to the Committee on Monday, 21st December 2020.


After a careful analysis, and based on past experiences, the Committee has worked out the following budget estimate:

*Body Transport: 50,000 kr

*Ticket for Millicent Nyambok: 10,000 kr

*Ticket for Willy Nyambok: 10,000 kr

*Ticket for Daniel Nyambok: 10,000 kr

*Ticket for Matabel Akinyi Nyambok: 10,000

*4 Covid-19 Travelling Certificates: 8,000 kr 

*Total: 98.000 kr.


The fund-raising will be conducted via the Swish system. The Swish number is: +46709719182. The name on the number is Daphine Achieng Omolo. While Swishing, include your name on the text bracket so that you can be identified and your contribution updated on the contribution list.

Account number is: 8506271140: Clearing number: 3300: Nordea Bank.

As the contributions begin to roll, a constant update will be posted at the Forum by the Treasurer to keep members abreast with progress.

The Committee will also set up “Club 1000” and use the strategy to solicit for funds. Once established, members are encouraged to join this Club as this strategy is known to speed up the process of raising funds.


When necessary, the Committee will be releasing sporadic statements through this Forum which is the official fund-raising forum for the operation.


The Committee continues to appreciate the in-put of all members since the news of Ochieng Nyambok’s demise broke out. You can be sure that your words of consolation, messages of condolences and moral support through the Forum is reaching the family.

On behalf of the family, the Committee would like to encourage members to continue with the same spirit of supporting Ochieng’s family during this mourning period.

The Committee hopes that with your support the body of James Ochieng Nyambok will be transported to Kenya for final rights in his homeland of Kenya.

Okoth Osewe

Information desk

James Ochieng Nyambok’s Funeral Committee

Stockholm, Sweden 19th December 2020

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