Tripple Tragedy for Nancy Osumba: A Correction

SMS messages from Nancy about the story

Our attention has been drawn to a story that was published here at KSB to the effect that Mrs. Nancy Osumba, a Kenya-Stockholmer, had lost five family members in Kenya.

According to the story, Nancy’s brother, Samora, had died in a road accident at Limuru Kenya together with his wife and two children while Nancy’s other brother, Owen, had passed on after a long illness with Cancer. The story added that Nancy’s mother had also suffered a stroke and was seriously ill in Kenya.

Following the publication of the story, our attention has been drawn to the fact that the story is not true and that all persons named in the story as dead are all alive.

Nancy personally contacted KSB on telephone to request for the publication of the story, claiming that the proceeds from the funds drive she had scheduled were to be channelled towards funeral arrangements of the departed.

KSB has since spoken with Samora who has confirmed that he is alive together with all family members named in the story. We have also been updated that Nancy’s mother is fine in the United States.

The bulk of the story’s content was communicated to KSB by Nancy via SMS and copies of these communications have been forwarded to Samora for purposes of transparency. KSB has since spoken to Nancy who admitted that the story is false.

When the story was published, KSB regarded Nancy as a credible source and together with the personal nature of the message, there was no reason to doubt the facts as presented by her via a series of SMS messages.

The story has not only been pulled down but we are also publishing this follow-up to set the record straight. The information was incorrect and Nancy has since taken full responsibility.

Speaking to KSB, Nancy has said that she has cancelled the funds-drive and that all those she had invited to the harambee should stay at home. She deeply regrets that she went this far and added that it’s because of her personal circumstances.

Okoth Osewe

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