War Against Corruption is Cosmetic, Says Martin Ngatia

Uhuru Kenyatta has launched a huge fight against corruption in Kenya. He has not only arrested the corrupt but has also sent them to court to face charges. But according to Mr. Martin Ngatia, Uhuru Kenyatta’s fight against corruption is cosmetic and meant to hood-wink Kenyans that finally, the real war against corruption is being waged.

In this video, Ngatia says that the main problem in the situation is that it is virtually impossible for corruption to be fought effectively under the rotten system of capitalism because corruption is part of capitalism.

Mr. Ngatia says that in Kenya, all top corruption suspects who have so far been nabbed by the Uhuru government have managed to sneak out of the court system by being released on bonds purchased with the same money they stole. This, according to Mr. Ngatia, is one big reason why Uhuru’s anti-corruption war is fake.

Secondly, Ngatia says that all over the world, the corrupt capitalist ruling class has a tendency of protecting themselves against charges of corruption because it is usually their boys who are in charge of investigations and prosecutions. Since Uhuru Kenyatta started waging his so-called war on corruption, suspects have been brought before the court but non has been sent to jail.

To fight corruption effectively, Ngatia says that the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) government will have to take over power in Kenya, try the corrupt in prison, deny them bail and if found guilty, hang them at Uhuru Park Chinese-style.

Chairman Ngatia urges Kenyans not to be taken for a ride with the current cosmetic war against corruption arguing that while others are being taken to court to face charges, the real thieves like William Ruto who has stolen billions, Ann waiguru who looted KYS, looters of Euro-Bond who are still at large, looters during the Kibaki, Moi and Kenyatta regimes are free, enjoying their loot.

It is an interesting video which provides an alternative perspective on the on-going fight against corruption in Kenya. It is a must watch for every Kenyan seeking the truth about the war on corruption. Pass your comments, give the video a thumbs up, subscribe and share widely in the spirit of spreading the tidings of the looming Kenya socialist revolution. Aluta continua.


Okoth Osewe


One comment

  • Kenyans are still waiting for the lifestyle audit that the government promised to carry out. Once the audit is carried out openly we shall be able to know who legitimately owns what and identify those people living beyond their means. It is then that this war on corruption can start bearing fruits. Otherwise the whole scenario is stage managed and cosmetic.

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