Grace Nduta’s Mom Passes On: Prayer Meeting Venue to be Announced

mama ndutaIt is with great sadness and sorrow that we announce the demise of Grace Nduta’s mother who has passed away in Kenya where she had been admitted at Agah Khan Hospital. She has been ailing but now, she just lost it and departed.

The sad news reached Nduta in Stockholm plunging the family into deep mourning. Nduta had been with her mom in Kenya where she has been keeping her company to help with her recovery.

She returned from Kenya about two weeks ago and she was planning to return to Kenya shortly, hoping that the mom would still be alive because she did not look like she would pass on so quickly. Little did she know that she had just seen her mom for the last time.

Following the loss, friends, relatives and well-wishers have been sending messages of condolences to the family. A funds drive is planed at a date and venue which will be announced later. In the meantime, those who would like to show solidarity with the family can swish contributions to 0728746472.

At KSB, we send deep condolences to the entire Nduta family following the sudden demise of a loved family member. It is God who giveth life and God who taken away life. May the family find strength and courage to go through this very difficult moment. Likewise, may the soul of Nduta’s mom Rest in Eternal Peace.

Okoth Osewe

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