Miguna Miguna Writes to “ODM Leaders” and the “Opposition”

Good afternoon, Sir/Madam:

miguna miguna

You and your fellow so-called leaders are a disgrace to the human civilization. You have all failed to conduct yourselves with dignity, honour and honesty.

Incommunicado detention without trial, torture, sedation, wanton destruction of private property, disobedience of court orders and forced exile are the most serious violations of human rights anywhere in the world. Embassies don’t issue passports! Stop lying to Kenyans!

Embassies DELIVER passports PRINTED and ISSUED in Nairobi. Embassies are under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Passports are issued by the Immigration Department, Ministry of Interior! Period!

All I want is my valid Kenyan passport the thugs took and destroyed in February 2018 and as The Honourable Justice Luka Kimaru ordered on February 15, 2018!

Alternatively, pursuant to The Honourable Justice Chacha Mwita’s Order of February 26, 2018, those who destroyed my valid Kenyan passport must issue me with a new travel document or valid Kenyan passport and facilitate my entry into Kenya unconditionally as a Kenyan.

I did not destroy my Kenyan passport and my own house. Those who did so are now your bedmates. Stop thinking or believing that Kenyans are zombies! They are not.

Tens of millions of ordinary Kenyans are exploited, suppressed, abused and misused by you on a daily basis. But they are neither stupid nor naive. They see you for who you are – traitors and greedy cowards!

Innocent Kenyans continue to be murdered and brutalised by trigger-happy police while you say nothing. Tens of billions of public money continue to be stolen by the Jubilee Party criminals as you keep yourselves busy with crumbs like wild animals.

The constitution and the rule of law is being defiled every day as you stand there speechless, yet shouting for a cynical referendum that will not pass.

The fake bridges you are constructing in your nightmares will never be realised. Accept that Uhuru Kenyatta has duped and trapped you. He knew your greed and cowardice and exploited both fully.

You are now stupefied, singing about fictional bridges to a bemused public as the illegitimate Jubilee Party hobbles on.

You provided oxygen to a dying dinosaur. Now, you have just become his meal!

You have exposed yourselves as useless greedy cowards who are feeding on human blood and bodies that Uhuru Kenyatta’s goons butchered from July 2017 to the present.

We will not allow you to lie to the people or to get away with your egregious crimes no matter how long it might take!

Mark my words!!!

Hang your ugly and empty heads in shame forever!

Dr. Miguna Miguna


  • Francis Otuche

    Miguna Miguna might be right in his observations. There is a lot more than one can see openly. All is geared towards the 2022 presidential election. Let him accept the position of the deputy governor so that we are able to see where the truth lies.

  • Francis Otuche

    There is more than meets the eye of the ordinary kenyan citizen in the now famous handshake.

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