Top Ten and Failed Mutahi Ngunyi’s Lies Debunked

Since he concocted a fake “tyranny of numbers” theory that catapulted the current Jubilee cartel to rig election in Kenya, Mutahi Ngunyi, a political commentator, has been working overtime to duplicate the “tyranny of numbers” magic. In the process, the self-proclaimed Professor has been churning a heap of falsehoods and spreading them on social media as “theories”, “political analysis”, “hypotheses” and “commentary”.

Mutahi is a Jubilee propagandist who has been implicated in the mega NYS scandal in which the tax payer lost billions of Kenyan shillings at the hands of thieves and robbers looting the Kenyan economy as millions of Kenyans starve to death.

As accusations flew that Mutahi Ngunyi was a beneficiary of the looting spree, he surreptitiously refunded over ten million Kenyan shillings that was paid to his company. Although he was paid for doing no work, he has been claiming that as a result of the refund, he is clean. But that is a story for another day.

ten mutahi ngunyi lies debunked

In the recent past, I have taken it upon myself the task of debunking Mutahi Ngunyi’s falsehoods which he peddles on social media. While in 2013 he peddled the same lies and basically got away with them, this time, I am challenging him as a matter of patriotism.

In this video, I take up ten top lies he has been peddling through his Youtube channel. The lies are so numerous that they cannot all be tackled at once. Everything Mutahi said will happen has not happened while every so called theory he tried to sell failed.

His propaganda mainly focuses on demonizing Raila Odinga, the Opposition Presidential candidate and undermining the new opposition outfit – the National Supper Alliance (NASA). His work is part of a propaganda campaign to ensure that the Opposition does not win the August 8th election. This is a tall order because after the current Jubilee regime was rigged to power by agents of former President Mwai Kibaki, the party has been on a looting spree. Find out about Mutahi’s lies and subscribe if you have not done so.

Okoth Osewe

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