Martin Ngatia Comments on Uhuru-Joho Battle and Grabbing of Coastal Land by Kikuyus


Martin Ngatia Comments on Uhuru Joho Battle and Grabbing of Coastal Land by KikuyusFor some time now, the battle between Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of Kenya, and Hassan Joho, Governor of Mombasa, has been raging in Kenya. Millions of Kenyans must have been shocked to witness a President employ the use of all State apparatus to fight a perceived enemy, all in an unnecessary battle of supremacy that adds no value to Kenya’s political development.

The CID, the NIS, the KRA, Mombasa police, the National Examination Council and other state bodies including local banks have all been roped in to help fight one man called Ali Hassan Joho. The Governor’s crime appears to be his challenge of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Joho has been challenging Uhuru Kenyatta because of the President’s inability to fight corruption in government together with the President’s habit of launching old projects that have nothing to do with the Jubilee government. In a shocking move that took many Kenyans by surprise, the President prevented Joho from attending the re-launching of Likoni Ferry, an activity where Uhuru was the chief guest. The funny part was that Joho was being prevented from attending a public function in his own County!

Even during the days of the Moi/KANU dictatorship, Moi used to fight his opponents with just two bodies – the Special Branch and the Judiciary.

At a time when Kenyans thought that they had made great progress following the promulgation of a New Constitution in 2010; and given the understanding that the New Constitution expanded the democratic space and limited Presidential powers, the use of an entire state machinery to fight one man called Joho because the Governor exercised his Freedom of expression is unspeakable.

The situation is even more perplexing when thieves and murderers who out to be pursued with more vigour after they stole billions of Kenyans shillings from the tax payer have been left to roam the streets with others like Ann Waiguru even being awarded a certificate of good conduct by the police so that she can run for public office.

In this video, Mr. Martin Ngatia, Chairperson of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA), differs with Uhuru Kenyatta and argues that the President is wrong in using State organs to fight Hassan Joho.

According to Mr. Ngatia, the war between Joho and Uhuru Kenyatta is engineered by the oppressive Kikuyu, GEMA Mafia-Kamatusa conspirators who are the real power behind Uhuru Kenyatta. Ngatia says that these criminals will never succeed in their fight against Joho because this war is illegitimate. He says that in the end, Uhuru Kenyatta will be vanquished and that Uhuru will be a one term President. Watch the video and deliver your thoughts in the comments section.

Okoth Osewe

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  • of course the president made Joho more popular by fighting him, but this Ngatia guy is crazy, from his voice to his choice of words…totally insane

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