Ngatia on Kiraitu, Ngunyi, Waiguru, Raila, Isaack Ruto and Insecurity in West Pokot

In this video, Martin Ngatia takes up many issues. Ngatia comments on the politics of the Meru people and says that Kiraitu Murungi, the self-imposed leader of the Meru, is a sell-out. Ngatia urges the people of Meru to reject Kiraitu because he has betrayed his own people by choosing to work with the very people oppressing the Meru people.

Mutahi Ngungyi has entered into Ngatia’s radar of fake academics. The Kenya Red Alliance Chairman castigates Ngunyi and points to Ngunyi’s involvement in the NYS corruption scandal as evidence that he is on Jubilee’s payroll and cannot therefore be trusted with any academic analysis of Kenyan politics. By virtue of having “eaten” NYS money, Ngatia argues that Ngunyi ought to be ignored.

Ngatia also comments on Raila Odinga. According to him, the Kenyan media is constantly trying to vilify Raila Odinga. Ngatia argues that a politician whose character appears to be under demonization by the media is the kind of leader who could save Kenya. Ngatia gives the example of Mr. Donald Trump whom, he says, was widely hated by the American media but captured the presidency because the American voter saw through the fallacy of the American media and decided to vote for Trump who is currently the President of the United States. Ngatia urges Kenyans to study the American case and elect Raila Odinga as President in August.

One politician who does not get very good grades in Ngatia’s view is Isaack Ruto (Chairman of Mashinani Party) who recently said that he had formed a Coalition with KANU. According to Ngatia, Mr. Isaack Ruto needs to take a stand in Kenyan politics. Initially, Ruto sent signals that he was in NASA and even organized joint political rallies with NASA in his Bomet county. Ngatia says that Isaack Ruto should not play the politics of Abunuasi and that he ought to join NASA and show where he stands. Ngatia says that KANU is not a Party to form alliance with because KANU leaders deserve to be in prison.

Finally, Ngatia also comments on Ann Waiguru and insecurity in West Pokot. It is a video worth watching. Do so and have your say in the comments section. Like, subscribe and sambaza the news.

Okoth Osewe

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