Martin Ngatia’s Exclusive Address to Wakikuyu in Native Language


A cross section of the Kikuyu community who only listen to Kameme and Inooro radio stations and who have heard about Chairman Martin Ngatia (thanks to mobile phones), has demanded that Ngatia address them in Kikuyu so that they can understand his message.

Majority of Kikuyu radio stations which broadcast in Kikuyu language are the main propaganda outlets for Uhuru Kenyatta. Those who only listen to these stations have no alternative view of Kenyan politics and are usually routinely brainwashed to believe that Uhuru Kenyatta is the best President Kenya has ever had.

The language barrier, especially in rural areas, is not exclusive to Wakikuyu. William Ruto has been trying to duplicate the same brainwashing strategy in the Rift Valley. Although Kenyatta has had some success with his brainwashing tactics, Ruto has failed due to alternative voices like Isaack Ruto who has convinced thousands, if not millions of Kalenjins to abandon Jubilee, arguing that the Jubilee government has not lived up to the 50-50 power-sharing deal that was reached ahead of the 2013 election.

In this session, Mr. Ngatia speaks in Kikuyu language to try and open the eyes of the sleeping and brainwashed millions of villagers who believe that Uhuru Kenyatta is leading the country to greater progress when the country is sinking into the abyss. Every time a corruption scandal explodes, they are told that the news is “Raila propaganda”. For this segment of Kikuyu society, Kenya starts and ends with Uhuru Kenyatta.

We do hope that Chairman Ngatia will shock them with reality so that they don’t wake up on August 9th to find that Uhuru Kenyatta has already packed his belongings and returned to Gatundu. They could, in deed, be part of the change all Kenyans are struggling for.

Okoth Osewe

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