Uhuru Must Take Responsibility for Castration of Kikuyu Youths by Expatriates


A program to castrate Kikuyu youths is underway in Kenya. Under the guise of “effective family planning” thousands of Kikuyu youths have already undergone the procedure especially in Central Province. In November this year, live broadcasts of the procedure were featured on Facebook and reported on BBC to popularize the practice in Kenya.

The procedure, known as vasectomy, is as  controversial in Kenya as it is unique. Although the procedure is common in Western countries where it is accepted, the situation in Kenya has raised several critical questions which have not been answered.

The most prominent concern is why Kikuyu youths, majority of whom are not married and who have no children, should be castrated under the cover of vasectomy or family planning. Already, alcoholism among idle youths especially in Central Province, is killing thousands of Kikuyu youths.

Uhuru Kenyatta failed to provide jobs he promised during the 2013 campaigns forcing idle youths to resort to the bottle to kill frustrations. The level of alcoholism in Kikuyu land is so high that even married women have had to stage public demonstrations to protest at the lack of sexual activity from their partners who are constantly zonked.

Young girls have no husbands and the only available candidates are now being castrated en-masse. According to Dr George Murithi who spoke to Capital FM radio, systematic castration of Kikuyu youths is meant to reduce the Kikuyu population because with all land having been grabbed by Uhuru Kenyatta’s family in Central Province, parts of Rift Valley and Coast Province, a future rebellion against the Kenyatta family by Kikuyus can only be averted with a lower population.

Paradoxically, Uhuru Kenyatta is not so concerned about the electoral impact of a reduced Kikuyu population because the Kenyatta family has decided that the Kenyan elections will always be rigged in favour of a pro-Kenyatta family presidential candidate as this remains the only way of protecting the massive amount of wealth that the Kenyatta family has grabbed since flag independence when Uhuru’s father was handed over the presidency by Raila’s father, Jaramogi Ogunga Odinga. Jomo later detained Jaramogi then released him due to pressure before puting him under house arrest.

In this video, Mr. Martin Ngatia raises the alarm and argues that the government of Uhuru Kenyatta must take full responsibility for allowing foreign expatriates to travel to Kenya to castrate Kikuyu youths en masse. These castrations have been broadcast live on Facebook while reports have also been carried in other medias. Apparently, the government is not concerned while Kikuyu leaders are silent because they don’t want to rub Uhuru the wrong side. The only institutions trying to make noise are Kikuyu radio stations who seem to have understood the conspiracy. It is pathetic to say the least. In as much as Kikuyus form a large part of the Kenyan population, castration of their youths by foreigners in dubious population controls is unacceptable. No government should allow this to happen without a national debate, consensus, state control and legal provisions being put into place.

Okoth Osewe


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