Mukaru Nganga’s Son, Rodney Kamau, Passes On in Sweden


Comrade Rodney Kamau Mukaru, a 38 year-old Kenyan who has been residing in Uppsala, has passed on. For many Kenyans in Stockholm, Rodney is a well-known personality and his passing has come as a big shock, not just to members of his family but to the entire community of friends who knew him.

Rodney is the son of the late Kenyan revolutionary and former political detainee, David Mukaru Ng’ang’a who founded the Kenya National Democratic Alliance (KENDA). Mukaru suffered political persecution at the hands of former dictator Daniel arap Moi before he fled to Sweden where he was later joined by his family.

Death has struck once again and taken away a young, energetic, revolutionary and promising son of Kenya who was consistently following in his father’s foot-steps to address the national agenda of Kenya’s emancipation from both political domination and economic exploitation by agents of capitalism.

At KSB, we send deep condolences to the entire family of Rodney. It was with great grief that we learnt about his passing yesterday. May the family have strength and courage to endure this tragic and unexpected departure of a loved member who will be greatly missed. Rodney was a jovial person and despite his militant and revolutionary views especially on Kenyan politics, he was a kind-hearted, humble and very composed person.

Needless to say, Rodney had a long political agenda for Kenya which has now been cut short with his sudden departure. Comrades who knew Rodney will, no doubt, continue with his political struggle because despite his passing, the struggle must continue.

Following the sad news, an “Open House” has been set up at the residence of Rodney’s sister, Winnie Njoki Mukaru, in Skarpnäck at Gondolgatan 8, Stockholm.

Relatives, friends, sympathizers and well-wishers are meeting at the residence daily from 16.00hrs to condole with the bereaved family and to provide comfort during these trying moments of great sadness and sorrow.

For further information, ring Daniel Mwaura at 0736694039 or Winnie at 0735610356. May God rest the soul of brother Rodney in Eternal Peace.

Okoth Osewe

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  • oh no just found out 😦 Kamaley was my classmate in primary school. He was a calm boy back then he was among the few I never got into fights with as a brat. rest in peace Kamau Mukaru.

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