Cargo Delivery Deadline at Lawi Shipping Extended to April 8th 2016


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Due to great public demand, Lawi Shipping International has extended delivery of cargo destined for Kenya. The new deadline is Friday, 8th April 2016.

Lawi Shipping International is slowly emerging as a key player in cargo transportation to Kenya. The company is reaping rewards due to its regularity in shipping cargo, reliability, professionalism, affordable prices, quality service, friendly personnel and safe arrival of cargo to Kenya.

With the arrival of Lawi Shipping International, shipping cargo to Kenya has never been this easy. It doesn’t matter your type of cargo as long as it is legal. Sofa sets, fridges, TV sets, cars name it are all cargo handled by the new company.

For further information, contact Lawi Shipping International. They take care of all your cargo handling needs, allowing you time to relax as your cargo sails safely to Kenya. Welcome to Lawi Shipping International!

Okoth Osewe

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