Philip Okelo Patuda Passes On: Funeral Committee Set Up in Stockholm

philip okelo

The late Philip Okelo Patuda

Just weeks after the demise of Jackson Acellam Ocan, members of the Ugandan community in Sweden have been struck by yet another tragedy. Ladit Philip Okelo Paduta, a prominent Ugandan who has been residing in Stockholm for many decades, has passed away abruptly, plunging family members and friends alike into deep mourning.

Okelo Paduta passed away on Sunday, 6th March 2015 in Canada where he relocated a few years ago. According to family sources, Paduta has been suffering from colon cancer and succumbed last Sunday. He passed away in hospital.

Following Paduta’s demise, a Funeral Committee has been set up by friends in collaboration with family members to help coordinate funeral arrangements. The Committee was established following a meeting (shortly after Paduta’s demise) at the residence of Irene Opira, the mother of Paduta’s children.

The Committee is being led by Mike Ocaya Pocure while the Secretary and Treasurer is Irene Opira. Other Committee members are Alfred Nyeko, Chrstine Ongaba, Christine Bwomono, Sam Onek, Stephen Ochaya, Charles Kagwa and James Ouya.

Following its establishment, the Committee was assigned two key responsibilities: mobilization of friends, well-wishers and sympathizers to help raise funds for the transportation of Paduta’s body to Gulu, Uganda, for burial and organization of a Memorial service in Stockholm for both Jackson Ocan and Philip Okelo.

It is estimated that the total amount of funds needed to accomplish the mission of Patuda’s body transportation to Uganda, together with members of his family in Sweden is SEK 115,000.

Consequently, the Committee agreed that with respect to channeling of funds, money should be deposited in the bank account of Irene Opira at Nordea account number 320401 73242 who will then update the Committee as may be necessary.

An appeal for financial support has been made to relatives, friends and well-wishers in North America, Western Europe, Australia and Scandinavia. Patuda’s influence spread across many continents thus the international appeal for support. The Committee has appealed to all those concerned to spread the message so that the Committee can get the support it needs to accomplish its mission. The Committee has proposed a major funds drive on Saturday, March 26th 2016 at a venue to be announced later.

The late Philip Okelo not only loved his country, but was also a staunch Pan-Africanist who used to organize conferences, seminars, symposiums and other activities to advance the interests of members of the African community and to discuss not only the problems of post-colonial Africa, but also the problems facing Africans in the Diaspora. Patuda is survived by two daughters namely Madeleine and Jacqueline.

Further information can be obtained through Ocaya Pocure at 0762566086; Irene Opira at 0762545881 and Chrsitopher Ongomba at 0739528539.

We at KSB would like to send deep condolences to the family of the late Patuda following the untimely news about his departure. During interactions KSB had with the late Patuda, he exhibited excellent leadership qualities as he waged a struggle for a better Uganda and a better Africa. Patuda believed that the crisis in Africa is fundamentally a crisis of leadership, external dependencies in Africa’s developmental ambitions and exploitation of Africa’s resources by unscrupulous wealth grabbers.  May God rest Patuda’s soul in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe

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