Lawi Shipping International Packing for Kenya

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The big announcement this time is that due to dollar rates, the company has had to adjust prices as follows: Flytt katong 500kr, TV 800kr, washing machine 1000kr, electric/gas cooker 1000kr, fridge 1700kr, sofa-set 3 seater 2000kr, sofa-set 2 seater 1500kr sofa-set 1 seater 1000kr. Other types of cargo not listed are negotiable.

Packing started on 5th March and will proceed until 31 March 2016. Items can be collected from clients and price depends on distance and number of items. Items also collected from Norway. Inform your friends and relatives. For further information, get in touch through 46700474138 or 46736138055

Okoth Osewe


  • Eunice Njeeri Komu Mugere

    Am in SHOCK this morning!

    My neighborhood cabbie Mwaura has joined the hood butcher in expressing his disgust with Kamwana’s gov’t looting.

    Now, Mwaura has been an ardent & die hard supporter of Kamwana. He believed “uthamaki ni witu (the Uhuru Kingdom is ours)” doctrine to the letter. I have been trying to have the conversation that it’s not ours by asking him “wanyu mwinau (your kingdom?! Yours together with whom?)” for the last 3 years without making any headway.

    His cab radio dial had been permanently stuck at Kameme FM since I first used it. This morning I got into the car and he was listening to Coro FM. Topic was low voter registration turnout. I was like, “haiya, kai Kameme karahingirwo tondu urathikiriria Coro (how come you are listening to Coro FM & not your usual Kameme FM)?”

    Shock of my life was an earful of his response…”Aaaaah! Ah! Tigana na acio no propaganda cia kuira andu moe kura nagutiri undu turateithika na utongoria wao. Marahurira Kamwana ndebe na gutiri mundu utarona nikaremirwo ni wira no kuia maraia na matiratwiciria makiugaga kuina ugwati uroka. Megutura matumakagia na ugwati kinya ri? Ati Kimundu! Tarora maguta maguite thi yothe na guku goro no uria! O kaihu na kwao! Ona ni kaba tugerie kimundu kiu! Tsk! Ona aria maingatirwo Rift Valley matingihota guchoka migunda-ini yao natuiragwo twina peace! (Aaaah! Leave that station alone! All they do is propaganda for Uhuru telling us to register to vote yet we are not benefiting form his rule. They keep trumpeting Uhuru’s virtues yet we can all see he’s failed all he’s doing is looting the state while telling us there’s danger. For how long will they use fear to mobilize votes? Fuel prices have fallen world over yet we’re not benefiting. They keep telling us there’s danger from “kimundu” while doing nothing for us. Everyone is on their own! Maybe “kimundu” might even be better for us. Even those evicted in Rift Valley cannot go back to their farms yet they say we have peace)!

    Am still in shock! Let me digest this for a minute…Maybe there’s still reason to hope my people from central Kenya are not blind after all…maybe…we’ve been duped through such sentiment before…or maybe the Eurobond, NYS, Youth Fund, SGR, NTSA, and ETC loot will change their minds back come 2017…

    Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid!”. Kyuks are hurting in the pocket just like rest of Kenyans.

  • Eunice Njeeri Komu Mugere
  • Eunice Njeeri Komu Mugere

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