The Late Mzee James Kimani Muchai: Vote of Thanks

mzee kimani

A few weeks ago, Ann, the wife of George wa Vårbygård, lost her dad, Mr. James Kimani Muchai, in Kenya. Following the sad news, friends, sympathisers and well-wishers flocked to George’s residence in Stockholm to condole with the bereaved family and to show their solidarity following the passing of a loved member.

George’s family would like to inform friends and all the good people who cared that Ann is back from Kenya after attending her dad’s funeral. Consequently, the family would hereby like to thank everybody who supported it during a trying and difficult moment. The family would further like to report that the funeral went well, and Mzee Muchai got a wonderful farewell which he rightly deserved.

Speaking to KSB, George said that he was happy that his wife was back from Kenya and that everything went as had according to plan. Mzee Mutai was born in 1936 and passed away on 19th January 2016 after a short illness. He will be remembered for having lived a good life and for raising wonderful children including Ann, a progressive member of the Kenya-Stockholm community, a mother and a trustworthy friend in Stockholm. May the soul of the late Mzee James Kimani Muchai rest in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe

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