Why Kenya Needs a Pombe Megafuli Kind of President, Not Uhuru Kenyatta


  • This is the kind of person the world need so that each and everyone can feel being recognised than being left lonely, keep it up Magufuri you reward is prepared, not expect it it under the sun but in heaven, your work hands is written and published on the rock wall of Sinayi montain. God bless you once and again for putting in account the most forgotten innocent people, receive blessings.

  • Revealed: Full list of Kenyan MPs who travelled abroad on a catering mission

    By Standard Reporter | Saturday, Dec 5th 2015 at 19:04

    Kenya National Assembly MPs who are members of Catering and Health club committee who travelled to India, Netherlands and Ethiopia to learn on how to get better food.

    They are as follows:
    1.Janet Nangabo Wanyama, MP (chairperson)
    2.Elijah Lagat, MP (vice chairperson)
    3.Mary Njoki Mbugua, MP
    4.Francis Munyura Waititu, MP
    5.Jane Machira, MP
    6.John Njoroge Chege, MP
    7.Benjamin Washiali, MP
    8.Daniel Wanyama, MP
    9.Boniface Gatobu Kinoti, MP
    10.Mwinga Gunga, MP
    11.Hellen Chepkwony, MP
    12.Harrison Kombe, MP
    13.Joseph Kiuna, MP
    14.Susan Chebet, MP
    15.Oscar Sudi, MP
    16.Gideon Mwiti, MP
    17.Hassan Dukicha, MP
    18.Stephen Wachira, MP
    19.Jakoyo Midiwo, MP
    20.Mwahima Masoud, MP
    21.Kasuti Suleiman Murunga, MP
    22.James Gesami Ondicho, MP
    23.Nasra Ibren, MP
    24.Otalo Raphael, MP
    25.Joshua Aduma Owuor, MP
    26.Halima Duri Ware, MP
    27.Nyiva Mwendwa, MP
    28.Stephen Mutinda Mule
    29.Geoffrey Odanga Makokha, MP

  • Anne Waiguru’s Kihingo house = Ksh150 million

    Her Birmingham palace house (Ksh300m+),

    Two Aston Martin vehicles (Ksh30 M),

    One commercial complex (Ksh300 M),

    Family Bank shares (100 M+)?

    Her official salary as Cabinet Minister was 1.2 M before tax.

    In fact her money did not come from NYS… it came from IFMIS where she colluded with her good neighbors to inflate the project. This is the bitter truth. She is a big thief!!!

  • Uhuru bure mavi ya kuku

    Uhuru began in a lame way and his family is corrupt how can he then fight corruption????

  • Robin Henri Mutula

    Sweden has aDr Mugo Wa Wairimu who rapes his Patient in Hospital
    © Foto: TT HSAN: Inget läkarleg efter våldtäkt.

    En våldtäktsdömd plastikkirurg i Malmö får inte tillbaka sin läkarlegitimation. Hälso- och sjukvårdens ansvarsnämnd (HSAN) säger nej igen, rapporterar Sydsvenskan.

    Mannen dömdes 2007 till fyra års fängelse för grov våldtäkt på en av sina patienter. Läkarlegitimationen drogs in året därpå. Sedan plastikkirurgen släpptes ur fängelse 2010 har han försökt få tillbaka den.

    2013 avslogs hans första begäran – nu avslår ansvarsnämnden ansökan en gång till. Nämnden anser att det inte finns något förtroende för kirurgen, som våldtog en patient som han sövt ner.
    Gå till MSN

  • USA Should Nuke Russia.

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