Ann Waiguru Resigns as Devolution Cabinet Secretary


After stealing millions of Kenyan shillings from the taxpayer, and following massive and continuous pressure from the public, devolution Cabinet Secretary has just resigned.

Although she has yielded to pressure, she told the Press in Kenya that she had decided to resign in accordance with her doctor’s advice. She said that in the last period, her health had deteriorated due to constant attacks on her family.

Further, Waiguru, who will no doubt go down as the “goddess of corruption” to have served in the Jubilee government, said that she had asked Uhuru Kenyatta to relieve her of her duties.

Last week, Uhuru said publicly that Waiguru was not his girlfriend. In attacks against her, many Kenyans saw the failure of Uhuru to sack Waiguru in the face of corruption allegation as a confirmation of rumours that Uhuru may have been exploring Waiguru’s curves in a secret love affair alleged to be behind her appointment as Devolution Cabinet Secretary.

Okoth Osewe


  • It is only in Kenya where suspected Jubilee thugs like Anne Waiguru can chest-thump and claim to be clean from corruption, yet her Devolution ministry has lost over Ksh11 billion of taxpayers’ money through dubious procurement processes.

    Her resignation is symbolically “good riddance of bad rubbish.”

  • stripping for Waiguru

    MCAs threaten to strip over Waiguru ouster bid

    Written by CHARLES WANYORO,@Cwanyoroh, posted on Nov 14, 2015

    The MCAs claimed there is a calculated move by male leaders in thh country to edge out senior female government officials out of leadership positions.

    They argued that Ms Waiguru was being bullied in order to give in. They urged her to stay firm.

    Led by Nominated MCA Shunem Ngira, the MCAs declared that Ms Waiguru should not be forced out of her job by domineering male leaders.

    They promised to start a campaign of nude demonstrations along the streets of Embu. The campaign will culminate in mobilization of over 10,000 Embu women to march to Nairobi and strip outside Harambee House.

    Ms Ngira said they would also demonstrate naked to Parliament buildings to curse Kenyan male leaders.

    The leaders cited former Deputy Central Bank Governor Jacinta Mwatela, former Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Barasa, former Judiciary Registrar Gladys Boss Shollei, former Deputy Inspector General of Police Grace Kaindi as victims of male chauvinism.

    The also linked the rejection of President Kenyatta’s nominee for the post of Secretary to the Cabinet Monica Juma and the woes facing current Deputy Chief Justice Kalpana Rawal to the gender biased campaign.

    The MCAs urged the President not to yield to calls to sack the Devolution CS.

    Those who spoke included Makima Ward Representative Penina Mutua and nominated MCAs Agatha Muthoni, Ms Winrose Ireri, Ms Catherine Mbura, Ms Loise Mbuya, Ms Nancy Murithi, Ms Susan Wangai, Ms Mercy Mbae, Ms Teresia Njeri, Ms Rose Ndwiga and Ms Rosemary Manunga.

  • Waiguru is a healthy fat pig who was firm about not having any money lost under her watch yet at the end of the week now claims to quit on poor health grounds.

    Damn thief!!!

  • If it is true, it is not enough with the resignation of lady WAG, The loot should be recovered too. Otherwise She is getting a way a very rich woman.

  • Eacc now says Waiguru is a suspect in NYS missing billions

    By Cyrus Ombati | Monday, Dec 7th 2015 at 19:09

    NAIROBI, KENYA: The anti-graft agency now says former devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru is a suspect in various investigations they are conducting involving billions of shillings.

    Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission CEO Halakhe Waqo said Waiguru is among those being treated as suspects in various deals and management of National Youth Service and the commission has never announced that she is a prosecution witness.
    “Her lawyer is her lawyer. The commission never announced the same. It was not a statement from us because we also have officials charged with stating the same,” he said.
    He said Waiguru is among 18 persons of interest they are focusing on in the probe in which billions of shillings are suspected to have been lost.

    “We looked at various individuals suspected to be part of various deals and management of NYS. We did not search Ms Waiguru’s home but we did it later. We had 18 targets that we are pursuing,” he said.

    He argued that the management of resources at NYS has been questionable under Waiguru’s tenure.

    Waqo said they will investigate all who were involved in the deals from the top to the bottom and revealed they had expanded to other areas of interest.

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