Kenyan Woman Locked in Mental Asylum at Huddinge Hospital Appeals for Help

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Jay Wanja: “I am not crazy”

Jay Wanja, a Kenyan woman, has called KSB while in a state of panic saying that she needs help from fellow countrymen because her life is in danger. Wanja, who lives in Norsborg, Stockholm, said that she does not understand what is happening around her after she landed in a mental hospital in Huddinge where she was immediately locked up.

“I have been locked up now for more than one week and I have a long story to tell”, she told KSB. The woman said that she landed at the mental asylum after her close friends conspired and called police, saying that she had suddenly gone crazy.

“I am not crazy and I need help to get out of here as soon as possible. I fear for my life and the lives of my children”, she said, her voice shaking like someone who had just been frightened by a lion.

When asked why she wanted Kenyans to know that she was in a mental hospital, Wanja said that it is because she needs help from friends to save her life and the lives of her children. She believes that since she is not crazy, she will be subjected to medication at the hospital, a move which, she said, might see her go mental for real. “This should not be allowed to happen”, she thundered.


Wanja accused four Kenyans – two men and two women – of masterminding an operation which exposed her to African witchcraft aka ndumba and that when she started resisting the advancing sheitanis, they called police and convinced them that she was crazy. The police immediately transported her to Huddinge Mental hospital where she was locked up and put under a 24 hour observation.

When KSB contacted the hospital to establish why she had been locked up, a Nurse said that she was not authorized by law to give any information about the health status of patients at the hospital. She added that only a next of kin can be privy to such information.

When KSB spoke to one of the Kenyans whom Wanja accused of conspiring against her, the Kenyan denied any conspiracy and said that the woman was sick.

“Wanja had started locking herself in the house and the decision to seek help from authorities was done in conjunction with her children”, the Kenyan told KSB. The Kenyan said that by the time she was taken away, Wanja had developed “a distorted sense of smell” in a way that everything smelt rotten including water. “Something had to be done”, he said.

Four Kenyans at Stockholm’s Mathare

The Kenyan added that a few years ago, Nyambu, a Kenyan, murdered her two children after locking herself in the house for two weeks without help. “By calling for the intervention of the authorities, we were trying to help”, the Kenyan said. “If someone had intervened in the case of Nyambu, her children could still be alive today”, he said. After she murdered her kids, Nyambu was declared mentally ill and after a few years in rehab, she was deported to Kenya to chill and banned from entering Sweden for good.

It is known that one of the Kenyans the woman accused of being part of the conspiracy lives with her in the same flat while a woman she also accused of being the brain-box behind her tribulations is known to be one of her best friends and long-term ally.

A source close to the family told KSB that the woman has “not yet been certified as crazy” and that she was still under observation until next week when her case will be decided.

In the past one year, three Kenyans (two adults and one teenager) have had to be admitted at a mental facility in Stockholm after their lives turned upside down without notice. One adult remains locked, the second adult is free and appears to be going about her normal business while the teen-ager was declared a drug addict and placed on rehab.

Tough life in Sweden, unemployment, unending debts, family crisis, over-expectation by family members back home, sell-out by friends, rampant racism, discrimination, social isolation, unexpected twists and turns in life such as homelessness and threats of ISIS terror in Stockholm are causing some Kenyans to turn into alcoholism and drug addiction to escape from reality.

In the process, some members of the community are contemplating suicide, others landing on rehab centers while others are either going mental or are in different stages of mental break-downs. This is a tragedy!

Okoth Osewe  


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