Confrontation Between Kenyan Lady and Racist Finnish Woman in the Streets of Finland

You Fu@king African Woman: Our Country is Like this Because You Are Black!

racist finnish woman

A Kenyan female resident of Espoo city in Finland, was on Friday morning on October 23, 2015, confronted by an unknown Finnish woman as she was on her way to the Leppävaara library to study for her examinations. The strange woman drove towards her as she stood on a pedestrian crossing around the Sello shopping center.

“A woman drove towards me and motioned with her hand for something. At first I thought that she was trying to tell me something. I thought that she was in trouble and needed help, or that she was trying to run over me. That is why I took up the license plate number, just in case”, said the Kenyan woman.

She then followed the car which had come to a halt close to the Leppävaara Health Centre. “I went to her and I asked what was going on. She said that I did not have to stand at the crosswalk. I explained to her that when the light is red, I have to pause as required for by law, until the lights change.”

After this, the Finnish woman began shouting at the Kenyan woman. “She was not at all sorry for what had happened, so I decided to videotape her. I shot directly at her. I was surprised to find that it did not bother her at all and that she wanted to be heard and that she knew exactly what she was doing.”

“You have zero” “I am a Finnish woman, you are fucking African woman. You do not mean anything, and you’re a zero. In my eyes you’re nothing. Do you know what is happening in our country? Why does everyone come to rape our country? We are in trouble because of the black people, it is the truth. Be prepared, because this country will become very racist”, warned the woman.

She said that she was not previously a racist, but now she is becoming like that. “No respect, no nothing. Try to live as people; do not use any social protection in order”, roared the Finnish woman.

In the meantime, the Kenyan woman mentioned that she is a practical nurse by profession and also asked why she was attacking her. “Why? Because you are black”, answered the Finnish woman.

Not the first time

The Kenyan woman says she has been in shock since the racist attack.

“The woman was completely unknown to me. I was scared, and I could not do anything else than to go to the police station to report, and to show the video to my friends. I did not cry, because this woman does not really know me. She saw me as someone who came to Finland to benefit from social security. She did not know that I have studied as a practical nurse”, the woman says. The Kenyan woman tells us that this was not the first time she encountered racism in Finland.

“It is painful to be treated like this. There are many ways to educate and help people from different cultural backgrounds to understand that we are all equal human beings. We have the right to speak, to be heard and to work, regardless of skin color.

She says that many Finns do not understand how hard it is to get a job, if one cannot speak the language. “In Finland, there are many skilled immigrants, but due to the language barrier, they either do not find work at all, or are working where limited skills in the Finnish language does not matter. It would indeed be a great help if the Finns would provide support for immigrants in their language studies. The anger comes at a cost.”

According to her, the evil caused by the energy of hate sometimes leads to action, as she got from Friday’s experience. “There are a lot of people who are dependent on social security, yes. Are they just foreigners? No. Finland has a lot of people who have lost their jobs and struggle to get back on their feet. But will it help by attacking immigrants? No.”

“If we do not train, accept and share ideas with each other, we cannot learn and develop. Young people should learn from us. They need to know that the economic situation is not good in Finland, but blaming immigrants is not a solution”, says the Kenyan woman.

Source: TIIA – MARIA Taponen


  • Kari kalinen niomo

    Washa waamushwe in Kenya you boot-lick whitemans ass!

  • Finland is a very racist country, has always been. White Finns do not necessarily notice it, because racism does not concern them. You need to have an aware mind to notice things around you. Some react by thinking that they are awful people if they don’t notice racism. Others, in turn, deny racism, maybe thinking that admitting would make them racists, because they are part of this society.”

    Slurs are one indication, but immigrants notice racism also because they are not recognized as Finns. If Finns are automatically thought of as white, Finnish-speaking Christians, the definition leaves out quite a large group. Whether you are from an immigrant background or a dark-skinned adoptee, you are often treated as a representative of another culture. And when a random passer-by calls you a negro in the middle of the street, it’s not only a question of this one insulter. The culture in the background allows some people to feel superior to me and to feel like they have the right to use that word. Slurs, therefore, are more than slurs, and allowance by most of the population creates room for racism,

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    Yours faithfully,

    Okiya Omtata Okoiti and Nyakina Whycliffe Gisebe.

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