Update: Clay Onyango’s Brother Passes On: Fund Raising/Prayers on Friday 4th September in Rinkeby

It is with great sorrow and sadness that the family of Mr. Clay Onyango announces the passing of Clay’s brother in Kenya. Mr. Gabriel Wamalwa passed away after a 7 year battle with cancer, plunging the entire family into sudden mourning.epiphany

Relatives, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers will meet on Friday, 4th September at a Lokal in Hinderstorps Gränd 37 in Rinkeby to raise funds towards the funeral and to pray for both the departed soul and the bereaved family during this very difficult and trying moment marked with sadness and grief.

A “Family Support Committee” headed by Mr. George Ochieng Dokta has been set up to help coordinate solidarity with the family that has suddenly found itself battling with brokenheartedness following the demise of a loved and caring member.

According to Dokta, the Chairman of the Committee, there will be no “Open House” at Clay’s residence in Tensta because Clay’s family is in Kenya.

At KSB, we take this opportunity to send deep condolences to the bereaved family. A brother is an integral member of a family and such a loss is huge by any stretch of the imagination. For this reason, the passing of a brother is a difficult, painful and excruciating event that, no doubt, devastates and ravages survivors mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

Consequently, we hope that the family will gather the necessary courage and strength to endure these arduous times as funeral plans for the late Gabriel also gets underway.

For further information, contact Chairman Dokta at 0762809436, Terry at 0737044972 or Clay’s wife Lizz at 0736573803.

Ndugu Gabriel has lived a good life and now, the Almighty God has decided that he departs from the midst of his loved ones to be with his maker. As Clay’s family ponders a new life without a brother, we, at KSB, pray that God rest the soul of the departed Gabriel in Eternal Peace.

Okoth Osewe

NB: Initial reports published at KSB emanating from a close contact of the Clay family indicated that it was Clay’s father who had passed on. Through the Committee Chairman, Mr. George Ochieng, the family has since clarified that the wrong information was the product of communication hitches. The family regrets any psychological disturbances that may have been caused by the inadvertent error. The family also wishes to clarify that Clay’s father passed away long time ago.

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  • How many times did Wamalwa has to die. Hon Wamalwa was here carrying the spirit (soul) of his brother passed it to Stockholm for Dr Sang to bless it and raise money How many times has Kijana Wamalwa to die. Why can’t doctorn explain better in a clear language .

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