Confronting Uhuru Kenyatta Over His Remarks Following Trip to Uganda


  • Ofcourse cheap Uganda sugar is to be imported in the country to kill the Kenyas sugar industry. The kenya sugar belt lies in ODM stronghold

  • I find it embarrassing and shameful that the Kenyan government has to import Sugar from wherever, especially from a smaller neighbouring country like Uganda. I feel that the current situation should instead ask and question the leadership how their neighbours are able to succeed in such a field when we have :
    Government-owned sugar manufacturers such as Mumias Sugar Company, Nzoia Sugar Factory, South Nyanza Sugar Company, Muhoroni Sugar Company, Chemelil Sugar Factory among the ones I remember.
    We also have the Private sugar manufacturers such as West Kenya Sugar Company, Soin Sugar Company, Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries Limited, Butali Sugar Mills, Transmara Sugar Company, Sukari Industries Limited, Kwale International Sugar Company Limited that seem to have gone down the drain.
    Surely, are our farmers so bad that they cannot produce enough sugar for the Kenyan citizens or is it the corruption in the top cream in the government that makes Kenyans to take their tea courtesy of Ugandan farmers?
    Just wonder! ūüė¶

    KSB: Very good input Nancy. Keep it up!

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