Kenya Embassy Invitation to Swahili Day: Saturday 13th June at Bergshamra

Once again, the “Swahili Day” is here and on Saturday, 13th June, East Africans together with  Swahili speaking people (including Swahili lovers) will congregate at Hjortstigen 1 in Bergshamra, Solna to celebrate the day.

The event, which will run between 14.00-18.00 hrs, has been organized by the Embassies of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique while its Secretariat is at the Kenyan Embassy.

The theme of the 2015 Swahili Day is: ‘Women in Swahili Culture’.   The organizers believe that promoting interaction and exchanges between different cultures creates an added avenue for enriching diversity and understanding.

The purpose of the event is to celebrate and showcase Swahili culture. Activities will include brief speeches, poetry, live music and dance, display of Swahili food, fashion and literature.

On the line-up for entertainment is Kababa Nkomba Gaby, Kabara Congas & Yaya Sella featuring Maestro Vumbi Dekula with his Ngoma ya Kilo Band which will thrill the crowd. Optional dress code is Khanga, Kitenge, Kikoi or Kanzu.

It is against this background that the Heads of Missions of the organizing Embassies extend their invitation to this special occasion.

For further information, get in touch with the Secretariat through Mr. Sebastian M. Ileli (Second Secretary) at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm or the Tanzanian Embassy in Stockholm.

Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 2tr
Box 7694,

Telephone  +46 8 218300
Fax: +46 8 209261


  • Ellena Mwikali

    What is Swahili .Swahili is a combination between black slaves and arab languages. Why is Ambassador Sang inviting Kenyans for slave language day Yet he failed to invite Kenyans during 12th december and on Madaraka day? Mr Ambassador you must civilize and respect kenyans and fight corruption which has become a cancer in Stockholm embassy in Birjer jarlsgatan 37,2tr.

  • Mwaniki, Swahili is a national language in both Kenya and Tanzania while it is also spoken in many countries south of Sahara. There is no single language that has not borrowed from other languages. I do think that it is in order for the Ambassador to have invited Kenyans to the event. I don’t live in Stockholm so I don’t know much about the Ambassador’s performance there. However, regardless of the Ambassador’s successes and failures, you should not mix Swahili Day with your problems with the Ambassador. Call the Embassy and find out why the Ambassador failed to organize Madaraka day for Kenyans there. Leave Swahili day alone.

  • Fatuma, please, leave issues za stockholm for Kenyan in Stockholm. The Ambassador has failed us kabisa. We know better so pereka umalaya wako mbali ngombe wewe. What is swahiri day when jamuhuri day is not even there, leave madaraka day. pumbaff jinga.

  • Human Rights Lawyer.

    Fatuma Ebu sikia kama uko na maskio, .Kenya embassy, Tanzania Embassy ,Rwanda Embassy and DRC (Zaire) Embassy has nothing good to tell civilized, democratically Kenyans livFing in democratic countries of Scandinavia. Most of us love, admire, recognize and appreciate democracy values, The above mentioned embassies are representing the Most corrupt African dictators and mass-murderers (1) Rwanda ,is led by dictator Paul Kagame of Rwanda a mass-murderer,(2) Tz is led by Hon: Kikwete a hypocrite ,opportunist and a reactionary. who always brutalize the peaceful people of TZ and Zanzibar through his (Fanya funjo) para-military police force with their primitive brutality.DRc is led by Kabira an idiot who was handed power by the military through corruption after the assassination of his corrupt father Kabira , and has failed to democratice the DRC .Under his Primitive leadership Kabira army has committed mass-raping , killings and committed more atrocities to this day in Zaire.He is one of the most corrupt stupid comprandor serving foreign intrests and helping the oppression of his poor and starving masses where the life expectancy of a Zairean citizen is below 50 years and child motality is leading in Africa while his richest Country (Zaire)is blessed with all types of minerals.(3) In Kenya a son of a Kenya’s first President Mr Uhuru Kenyatta has miserably failed to fight corruption ,a thieve , a wanted man by the ICC for committing crimes against humanity and his Deputy Mr William Ruto a mass murderer who burned Kikuyu mothers old and children inside a church in Eldoret such brutes , barbarians ,primitive,and savages cannot lead in any democratic country. Neither, they cannot lecture any civilized people on the planet earth. Dugu Fatuma can’t you ask yourself why these animals(Ambassadors) cannot invite their countrymen/women for a discussion forum we discuss about democratizing lake legions and development instead they are inviting us to discuss Swahili a slave/Arab (master) language Which has nothing to offer to our Schools and our children . Why don’t East African Schools has no science,Biology ,Physics books in Swahili? I have been speaking slave language throughout my life yet Ki-swahili has not taken me anywhere (Ugandans do not even dare speak that Mwarabu na Mtumwa language sorry madam Fatuma.

  • Human Rights and Mogaka, you have now ganged up against me for no apparent reason. I will not respond to Mogaka because of abusive language. To Huma Rights, the issues you raise – Human Rights violations by the Presidents of represented by the Embassies, dictatorship, mass murder, corruption and bad leadership are correct. However, by taking up these issues and linking them to this debate, you are politicizing the issue of Swahili Day (which was the subject) thereby deviating from the main subject. The bad governance of the dictators you mention should not stop the celebration of a day dedicated to the Swahili language. This was my point. You cannot liberate a country without a common language.

    You also associate Swahili with Arab colonization of Africa. For your info, Swahili originated from the natives along the Indian Ocean Coast but later borrowed heavily from Arabic following the Arab slave Trade along the Indian Ocean Coast. It is not therefore true to say that Swahili was introduced in Africa by the Arabs. As I said earlier, all languages borrow from other languages. By the way, in Tanzania, there are books in Swahili for biology, mathematics and other sciences. I am not trying to defend the Kenyan Ambassador to Sweden. I am defending the right of Swahili Day to be celebrity regardless of who is the Ambassador of which country. Get that right before you pour your venom.

  • Fatuma, I think the anger against the Ambassador is because he prefers to be with wazungu and spend tax payers money on them rather than being with his people even on national days. He uses money for celebrating national holidays for personal holidays and many Kenyans have had no way of letting him know. Swahili day is good but why take it more seriously than Jamhuri and Madaraka days when nothing happened from the Embassy side? Pesa in kuliwa somewhere and the Ambassador knows. He continues to hide because when you steal public funds, you have to be in hiding. I think that is the main problem.

  • Zbigvoust Ziscisty
    Aliens landing in Ukraine fuel depo?

  • Ambassador Sang is a hypocrite. He is inviting Kenyans for Swahili Day because the function is not fully sponsored by the Kenya Embassy so he has nothing to lose financially. He will therefore pretend to be nice while when it comes to Kenyan national days, he dodges around employing cheap under the table labour and cutting costs then pocketing the rest like his Kalenjin thief godfather deputy president William Ruto of the famous Kusema na Kutender – the Moi Referral Hospital thief!

  • Funny that the Kenyan Embassy is organising events, without any involvment of the Kenyan Youth. It’s about time the Kenyan Embassy organised something for and by Kenyans. … All the other involved embassies do!

  • Prosecutor: Oklahoma man detailed Kenya sex assaults on kids

    By TIM TALLEY | Posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 7:33 pm

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma man accused of sexually abusing several children at a Kenyan orphanage where he volunteered confessed to his misdeeds in writing, a federal prosecutor told jurors Wednesday at the outset of the trial.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Don Gifford spent part of his opening statements reading excerpts of 20-year-old Matthew Lane Durham’s confession, which Durham’s lawyer says isn’t true and was coerced.

    “I would take her to the bathroom at night and hold her down and rape her. This happened on several occasions,” Gifford said, reading a section pertaining to the alleged assault of a 12-year-old girl.

    Quoting another that pertained to a boy at the Upendo Children’s Home in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, Gifford read: “At night I took him to the bathroom and had him perform oral sex on me.” The handwritten, signed notes were later shown to members of Durham’s 12-member jury.

    Durham, of Edmond, has pleaded not guilty to the 17 charges he faces, which include aggravated sexual abuse and engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to life in prison.

    Six of the children, who speak Swahili, were scheduled to testify through an interpreter. The first began to testify after opening statements concluded, but not before the judge cleared the gallery and closed the courtroom to the public and media.

    During his opening statement, defense attorney Stephen Jones said Durham is innocent and that he only confessed to the crimes because he was under duress. He said officials at the orphanage had detained and isolated him and had taken away his passport.

    “He’s in fear for his life,” Jones said. He described Durham as “an emotionally vulnerable teenager” who was struggling with “sexual identity and development” while also being a devout Christian.

    Jones said that the orphanage, upon hearing the allegations, initially didn’t notify police, medical officials or the U.S. Embassy, and that others who lived in the Upendo home didn’t witness any wrongdoing alleged to have occurred.

    “They never saw anything in the close confines,” Jones said.

    Josphine Wambugu, manager of the orphanage and the children’s caretaker, testified that she found Durham sleeping in the girls’ dormitory with one of the young children on June 12, 2014. “He left quickly,” Wambugu said.

    She said she questioned some girls about whether misconduct involving Durham had occurred and several said they had had “bad manners” with Durham, a Kenyan phrase for sexual relations.

    Wambugu, known as “mom” by residents of the orphanage, said she later confronted Durham about the allegations.

    “He say: ‘Yes, I did it! Yes, I did it!'” she testified. She said Durham told a group of Upendo officials that he had struggled with child pornography and homosexuality.

    Wambugu wept softly on the witness stand as she recalled the emotional toll the incident had taken on her and others at the orphanage.

    She rejected suggestions by Jones that orphanage officials had used the case to obtain more than $17,000 from the U.S. government to install security cameras at the orphanage.

    Durham, wearing a gray suit and tie, sat expressionless during Wambugu’s testimony.

    U.S. District Judge David Russell said the trial could last up to two weeks. In addition to the six children, other orphanage officials and 10 missionaries are among the 39 witnesses prosecutors intend to call to the stand.

    Jones has said Durham will testify.

    The judge agreed last week to close the courtroom during the children’s testimony after prosecutors said that Durham and his family had discussed a plan to “pack the courtroom” with supporters. The government feared that testifying in open court could pose “substantial psychological harm” to the children.

    Durham had volunteered at the orphanage since 2012. Prosecutors allege he assaulted children last year.

  • Raila Oginga Odinga Tosha
  • Sang ni mwizi

    SugarRay, Sang is a man on a mission to enrich himself and does not care about Wakenya in Stockholm let alone the youth. He must be exposed for uhuni na ujinga. How could he not host Jamhuri Day last year? Imagine not doing so yet the event is sponsored every year by taxpayers in Kenya. How much money did he pocket from denying Wakenya the celebration? Instead, he hosted whites at his official residence. He is a Bootlicking House Nigger who should be investigated. He is a pretender with an agenda not for Wakenya but his own stomach.

  • Raila Oginga Odinga Tosha

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