Update: Kenya-Stockholm Woman Is Fine and Safe

A Kenyan woman who was reported by KSB to have allegedly been thrown out of the balcony by her Swedish hubby is fine and doing well. The woman has personally taken contact with KSB to say that she is fine. She said that she is a Swedish citizen and not “paperless”. Although KSB did not report that she is “paperless”, KSB hinted to Swedes who lure paperless women into Sweden before exposing them to domestic violence or killing them.

A friend of the woman has also communicated and said that the woman is fine while the woman’s sister has also been in touch to underline the fact that her sissie is doing well. With this update, fears by Kenyans about the woman’s well-being should now calm down.

KSB picked up the story from a Kenya-Stockholm What’s up Network where the woman’s photo was doing the rounds. Apparently, no one seemed to recognize the woman and with memories of Kavinga still alive, concerns were raised by the community that KSB ought to make an appeal. Luckily, all is well that ends well.

Okoth Osewe

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