Late Edward Nganga’s Prayer Meeting Today at Hallunda; Burial on Tuesday, 24th March

Prayer Meeting today

Prayer Meeting today

Plans for the Prayer Meeting in Stockholm for the late Edward Ng’ang’a aka ”Dirty” are complete. According to Mr. John Muchiri, the Chairperson of the Edward Ng’ang’a Family Support Committee in Stockholm, the meeting cum fund raising will take place today, Friday 21st March 2015 at Tomtebergvägen 14 located about 200 meters from Hallunda Centrum (near Botvid Gymnasium) from 18.00 hrs until late.

Mr. Muchiri, who is a leading Kenyan businessman in Stockholm, told KSB that following his latest contacts with Edward’s family back home, the burial date of the late Kenyan has been set for Tuesday, 24th March 2015. Edward passed away at Nairobi West hospital where he had been rushed for treatment after showing signs of illness. Edward was on holiday in Kenya.

Many Kenya-Stockholmers who knew him closely are still in shock and unable to come to terms with the reality that he is gone forever and so abruptly. Following his trip to Kenya, and just like he had done on many occasions, his friends expected him back after enjoying his holidays but this was not to be. His Maker had other plans for him.

A close friend of the departed who called KSB said that he will never forgive Edward for dying at such a tender age of 45. “He was full of life and strength while when I last talked to him, he had a clear vision for the future”, the Kenyan told KSB. He sounded like someone who was sobbing as he spoke on telephone.

Obviously, the gap Edward has left within his family and within the Kenya-Stockholm community as a whole will never be filled. Mr. Muchiri appealed to Kenyans to turn up and join hands in remembering and celebrating the life of Edward Ng’ang’a, a good friend and a good one in deed. Edward is survived by his wife and children in Kenya.

Okoth Osewe

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