William Ruto and Corruption in VP’s Office on Sub-Contracting Deals:Tumechoka!



  • Jethro Kipchirchir
  • On 27 August 2014 fraudsters posing as sub-contractors for Bayusuf and Sons Ltd forged the signature of Deputy President William Ruto and got away with a cool ksh.180m.

    The letter read ”After going through their profile and realsing the depth of their capacity, I find them to be capable and having the pedigree required to handle any type of plant, equipment, earthing, compaction and haulage capabilities to undertake any civil and engineering works including bush clearing and supply of aggregates, sand, ballast, and gravelling materials and any other relevant works in this particular discipline”

    Kenyans were outraged and demanded immediate investigation into this matter:

    Tom Onyago wasongo @tom_tw4 said ”proof that in Kenya anything goes”,

    Abdullahi Yusuf @AbdullahiYussu9 added ”believe me no one will be arrested for that offence Ita maliza chini ya meza”

    Joseph @omondiochome stated ”but why pay without consulting? Does it mean it’s normal to pay out when a letter from top government is produced”?

  • ruto mwizi mashuhuri



    Thursday, June 2, 2011 – 00:00 — BY STAR TEAM

    INTERPOL has impounded a car registered in the name of a company associated with Eldoret North MP William Ruto in Eldoret. The Range Rover House is among several vehicles netted by the International Police Organisation a probe into an international car theft ring.

    The vehicle’s engine number was traced by Interpol with the assistance of the Kenya Revenue Authority. The vehicle chassis and other identification numbers tally with those of a vehicle which had been reported stolen in the UK in 2005.

    The Star learnt yesterday that the vehicle was registered under Amaco Insurance Company, one of the biggest underwriters for public service vehicles in which Ruto has interests. “Amaco bought the car for Ruto a few years back after Ruto requested a car. He has been using it until it was impounded.He does not seem bothered by the development because he has several cars,” said a Ruto confidant. The vehicle is now parked outside Kiptagich House which has offices for the KRA and the Central Bank in Eldoret.

    The KRA officials on the lookout for the vehicle impounded it as it was being driven by one of Ruto’s drivers. They removed the number plate — KBL 001H — before driving the dark blue car valued at slightly more than Sh8 million to their yard. “We have all the documents for the car showing its origin, who sold it to us, at how much and the bill of lading that came with the car and KRA receipts showing the duty paid. The lawyers have been dealing with the matter and we hope it can be resolved soon so that Mheshimiwa (Ruto) can get back his car,” said a senior manager at Amaco who cannot be identified as he had not been authorised to comment on the matter.

    Four other cars with foreign registration numbers are being held within the same parking as police investigate how they were brought into the country.

    Interpol has in the last few weeks been sweeping Kenyan roads in search of stolen cars following reports that Kenya is becoming an important market for four-wheel-drive vehicles brought in by an international criminal ring operating in the UK and other parts of Europe. Agents from Interpol have carried out an operation in which dozens of
    expensive cars stolen in Europe were recovered. The operation ended last Thursday.

    Kenyan police confirmed that they worked jointly with Interpol to recover vehicles, some of which were on the road and locally registered.

    Seventeen vehicles were impounded on Wednesday. However, the Criminal Investigations Department director Ndegwa Muhoro said they were not in a hurry to take their owners to court. “Most of these people are innocent and we have to fully investigate to determine who is culpable,” said Muhoro in a report published on the website of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators. The association, founded in 1952 in the US, has members from 33 countries.

    A source at the Office of the President said the operation was carried out in secret so that those who had bought the stolen vehicles do not hide them. More swoops for stolen vehicles, this time saloons and station wagons, are planned based on the information received from Interpol, the source said.

    The engine and chassis numbers of the vehicles impounded are being checked to establish if they were reported stolen in other countries.

    Muhoro said the cross-border operation, which started in Burundi and Rwanda, will be extended to other countries in the region. He urged those intending to import vehicles to consult the Regional Interpol Office in Nairobi to make sure they are not buying stolen cars. “The service is free of charge but sadly, Kenyans are not making use of it,” he said.

    Some unscrupulous people have been defrauding insurance companies by selling their vehicles in neighbouring countries and claiming they have been stolen.

    The Interpol office has an inventory of all vehicles stolen across the world and at a click of a button they are able to tell whether a car was stolen or not.

    Last September, a similar operation was conducted in Tanzania and 51 vehicles impounded. Twenty two of the vehicles were stolen from Japan, 12 from South Africa, eight from Malaysia, three from UK and one each from Kenya, Tanzania, Slovenia, Germany, Mozambique and Australia.

    Self-driven hired cars are increasingly becoming targets of an international car theft syndicates in Kenya. The cartel has been stealing an average of 10 vehicles each month from major towns and smuggling them to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Malawi via Tanzania and Uganda. They hire the cars posing as clients or hold drivers of hired vehicles hostage, drug them or tie them up before driving off with the vehicle.

    Another coordinated Interpol operation conducted in 2007 in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda netted hundreds of stolen vehicles. Head of Flying Squad Munga Nyale said car thieves had changed tactics and were hiring self-drive vehicles for an extended period, which they then drive across the border before they are reported missing.

    The syndicate had reportedly infiltrated the Registrar of Motor Vehicles offices, where it obtains blank logbooks that are used when smuggling stolen vehicles across the border.

    ….- See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-61625/interpol-impounds-ruto-car#sthash.XuTZAkm9.dpuf

  • Sonko drugs and guns

    Of Guns, Drugs And Mike Sonko

    My beloved people of the hot city under the sun. It’s been a while, I took a small break to analyze your comments which as you will soon find out are proof to my accurate findings that most of you guys are full of malenge for brains; the basis of your unending economic, security and political problems. The father and the greatest of all you brainless Kenyans is none other than the Nairobi senator Mike Sonko.

    This blog is going to be short because I don’t want to kill my brain cells on this poor little kid trapped in an old man’s body. It’s really sad to be a Kenyan right now because anyone can be a leader in Kenya. It’s probably the only place in the world where money and irrespective of where it comes from is the only qualification for a public office. So here goes a challenge to my cool kids, tech savvy, all knowing, online voting, insult hurling and demonstrating Nairobians:” How the fuck is an imbecile like Mike Sonko your senator”? How do you allow such a guy to even leave your boarders to represent your country anywhere? The amount of shame and the thickness of the negative light he painted your country in at the Hague Netherlands will take generations to clear.

    Before I list his stupid child like attention seeking tactics, let me tell you something about how he acquires his money. Despite his pointless drama and public image, I want to commend MikeSonko for once in a while being a truthful politician. For a man with no education background, a man whose only history known to the whole country is being a matatu owner and employer of some of the most uncouth, disrespectful, deranged and student impregnating people in Nairobi, he is undoubtedly doing very well albeit through very bad ways.

    sonkoMike Sonko is involved in drugs, land grabbing and a few other lucrative but illegal trades that the ordinary Kenyan brain is not ready for at this point. I look at journalists in Kenya and wonder whether they even studied journalism or even understand what it’s about. People like Mike Sonko should be asked questions and investigated by the likes of Jeff Koinange, Larry Madowo, Johnson Mwakazi or even some young guy in Bamba TV. But no, journalists want to be celebrities. Larry Madowo would rather take a selfie with Sonko instead of asking him why he served a term in Shimo La Tewa Prison.

    It’s simple, despite his illegal bloodshed money; Mike Sonko still has got a very bad strain of inferiority complex. He is still fighting the days before he started working for a drug baron when everyone stepped and shitted on him. Otherwise, how would you explain an old man with bad fashion sense, loads of fake jewelry and keeps changing cheap ugly hair styles like a mushamba house maid in Buruburu? Evidence that Mike Sonko is a drug dealer is the amount of money he has and how he uses it. Man with money who genuinely helps people would never need to scare the same people he claims to love and help. The big guns and siren led motorcade are a fake show of power to scare away the very few Nairobians who know that this man is out to finish any smart minds amongst the youth. But the stupidity involved in everything Kenyan never ceases to amaze me. Sonko wants to be a Saudi prince but he’s just a mushamba.

    sonko-gunsEven his name is fake! The show he pulled at the Lee Funeral Home was the most stupid show of power ever played on Kenyan soil. Kenya is such a peaceful country; no one needs to come with body guards brandishing guns like AK47 and M16. But he did it anyway and the ever gullible, naive and stupid Kenyans gave in. I grew up among top Swiss military guys because my father was one of them so let me give you Sonko and any Kenyan willing to listen a free lesson. The big guns displayed on that day are very ineffective at protecting a brainless guy like Sonko. If you want to really protect a man, you don’t need baboons with short guns but smart guys with handguns. If I stood by the road and shot at Mike Sonko’s car, I will kill him before his squeezed bodyguards find room to adjust their M16s and fire back.

    That’s basically how useless Sonko’s security team is. But I forget, Sonko doesn’t know about executive protection, he is a ghetto drug dealer who’s made enough to move into the suburbs. Any visionary leader that really wants o create change would do things completely differently from Sonko. If I had that money, I would build more schools, more vocational training institutions and advice people to be responsible. But Sonko has got misplaced priorities. He’s got a breakdown so you can drink all your money and have your car towed away to the auctioneers while you nurse liver cirrhosis. He’s got free limousines so you can marry and live in poverty forever thereafter.

    Shame on you people of Nairobi for electing such a poor leader!

    Stay tuned!

    Ted Kraehenmann

  • state house land owner

    State House plot is mine, says trader

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015 – 06:00 — BY STAR REPORTER

    Second businessman, this time a Kenyan, has claimed ownership of the two-acre disputed plot near State House, Nairo This claimant has alleged that a group of land grabbers in Nairobi forged his death certificate to take over his property. Julius Kiplangat Kitur was reacting to a story in the Star yesterday, in which an Ethiopian investor, Hailu Asfaw, claimed he holds the original title deed of the land, and that documents had been forged at the ministry of Lands to generate another title. Kitur said his title is seven years older than the one held by Asfaw, a director of Myta Ltd. He said his title was issued in 1997, while Myta’s was issued in 2005.

    Kitur has written to the CID and attached a sworn affidavit, saying that he was allotted the two acres by the government on January 4, 1996, and paid Sh458,290 to process the title. “Sometime in May 1997, while processing my title deed, I received a death threat from a person not known to me, who asked me to surrender all the documents in my possession regarding the said property. I did not give him the documents but, in fear for my life, I reported the whole issue to CID Headquarters,” Kitur said in his affidavit.

    Kitur said that last year he came to learn that there were people claiming to have co-owned the land with him. “On April 9, 2010, I made the request once again and was finally issued with a land rent invoice in my name, jointly with one Edison Kiplangat Bundotich. I thereafter made a request to peruse the file at the Lands registry. It is then that I came across an affidavit sworn on October 29, 2005, by one Edison Kiplangat Bundotich, averring that my property, LR 209/5581, had been allocated to myself and him, and that I was his partner,” Kitur said. “In that affidavit, he falsely averred that I died on February 22, 2005, after suffering from a brain tumour and chest complications for about one-and-a-half years.

    He even annexed a forged death certificate purporting to confirm my death,” Kitur said. “He further averred that he had authority and would subdivide my property into four equal plots and after that look for a willing buyer and share equally, with a person that he alleged was my ‘widow’, the proceeds from the sale of the subdivided plot.” All the four titles were issued on July 28, 2003, two years before Kitur’s alleged death. – See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/state-house-plot-mine-says-trader#sthash.rJ5zgui1.dpuf

  • Ngilu corrupt minister

    A family affair that reveals pretty dirty linen in public

    Posted by Ma vulture On April 24, 2013 0 Comment

    Ngilu’s flagrant violations of procurement procedures to award her children and their spouses Government contracts reflect the erosion of social mores

    Politics in Kenya: Ngilu’s alleged corruption trends in Government
    Charity Ngilu

    At the pinnacle of her influence as presidential candidate in 1997, Charity Kaluki Ngilu was fondly known as Masaa ni ya Mama. The nickname developed to Mama Rainbow in 2002 when she joined hands with then Opposition candidates Kijana Wamalwa and Mwai Kibaki to form the formidable Narc that wrenched power from Kanu.

    Since then, the Water and Irrigation Minister has guided her Ministry through controversies that represent some of the most brazen violations of the law in recent times, typifying unbridled greed.

    The Kitui Central MP for 20 years, Ngilu bagged the Health docket when the Narc Government took over in early 2003. But she soon made headlines when a conference held in Nairobi in 2004, ostensibly for people living with HIV/Aids, turned chaotic over misappropriation of funds, courtesy of Ngilu’s daughter who had been contracted to organise it. Hundreds of the participants were left stranded in Nairobi with no means of getting home.

    Later, Ngilu appointed a tainted Dr Florence Musau as the director of Kenyatta National Hospital. Musau was eventually kicked out in 2009 over corruption allegations. But the Government paid her a total of Sh1.5 million for one year, even as it paid Dr John Kibosia, who had been appointed to act in her place.

    Musau’s departure was hastened by investigations of the Efficiency Monitoring Unit that revealed she had been involved in irregularities involving a Sh224 million tender for the procurement of equipment for life support, the Intensive Care Unit and the High Dependency Units.

    Even when the corruption allegations were referred to the now defunct Kenya Anti Corruption Agency for prosecution, Ngilu stood by the director, describing her performance at KNH as “exemplary”, and accused some unnamed enemies of undermining her at the ministry.

    However, when Ngilu was later moved to her current job as Minister for Water and Irrigation, the trickle of controversies grew into a torrent. In 2007, reportedly she raided the Central Police Station and secured her activist friend Anne Njogu from lawful custody.

    Later in September 2010, Ngilu and Trade Assistant Minister Wavinya Ndeti were at it again, storming Machakos Police Station to demand the release of 12 of her supporters who had been charged for invading a private property in Athi River.

    Ngilu’s next moment of disgrace came in November 2011 after eight of her family members were sucked in yet another corruption scandal. Four companies linked to her close relatives and children were accused of minting millions of shillings after they supplied goods to Tanathi Water Board, which was under Ngilu’s ministry, at grossly exaggerated rates, and without competitive bidding.

    One of the companies, Kat Michaels, where the minister’s second daughter Mwende Keteithia Mwendwa was a director, was awarded lucrative contracts.

    Corruption in Kenyan Government: Ngilu is accusedThe company, which was founded in May 2008, had been given a Sh1.8 million contract to supply polo t-shirts, caps, executive pens and carrier bags. The company was also paid Sh800,000 to supply “big diaries” sold to the Board at Sh2,500 each, while the “small” diaries fetched Sh1,500 each.

    Enacting a similar script, another firm, Broad Visions Utilities Limited, was founded in April 2008. One of the company’s directors was Billy Indeche, husband to Ngilu’s first-born daughter, Jemi Mwendwa. They too got supply contracts.

    Other kin of the minister have been involved. Ngotho Kasyoki Ithumbuti was a director of Timetrax Limited, where he served together with a cousin Patrice Mnene Munguti. This company won a tender to supply GI pipes at Sh23,815 per piece and ultimately supplied 65 pieces.

    When the hour of reckoning came, eight people, among them the minister’s son in law, Indeche, and Tourism assistant minister Cecily Mbarire’s husband, Denis Apaa, were arraigned in court charged with a series of corruption offences.

    The suspects were alleged to have defrauded the Ministry of Water and Irrigation of Sh26 million after violating the procurement procedures. Others who were charged included Lawrence Simitu, Isaiah Amwanzo Benjamin, Samuel Alouch Otieno, Robert Mati, Joseph Mucuku and Mwagambo Mwangombe.

    Besides getting money through fraudulent means from the Government, Indeche and Apaa were accused of committing economic crimes by jointly conspiring to defraud the Water ministry by purporting to qualify for a tender to sink five boreholes in drought-stricken Machakos and Makueni districts at a time the residents were being by drought.

    Apart from recording statements with anti-corruption agents, Ngilu had also to appear before the Parliament’s Committee on Equal Opportunities over allegations that she had violated the principle of equitable distribution of resources by favouring certain regions, especially her home area.

    In the aftermath, Prime Minister Raila Odinga rallied Ngilu’s rescue, declaring that the fight against graft was now “getting personal.”

    Ngilu enjoyed further reprieve after a parliamentary committee led by Mutava Musyimi cleared her of graft charges in April, 2011, and accused her assistant minister Mwangi Kiunjuri, who had blown the whistle on some of the scams, of “witchhunt.”

    Things did not end there, then Kenya Anti-Corruption chief, lawyer PLO Lumumba, known for his showmanship, was hounded out of town after he was alleged to have received money from Mbarire’s husband to discourage Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) from conducting its investigation.

    Mbarire mobilised enough support in Parliament to have KACC wound up, while Kiunjuri was transferred from the Water ministry.

    Kenyans may never know what really happened at the Water ministry as the National Water and irrigation Corporation Nairobi offices were razed to the ground last September, eliminating any traces of evidence that would have consigned corrupt officials in jail, where they belong.

  • In Kenya sex costs different depending whether you are served your style which is front and behind(anaL-sex)

  • Uhuru replaced General Karangi with a new General Kobia>

  • School kids cannot be left behind>

  • Germans (Merkel) Come take back your Colony>Tanzania>They have failed to govern>

  • How colonial Powers sucks(milk -drain Africa Economy)


  • Kobia the untouchable>

  • Mutula Kilonzo was killed>

  • Wlliam Ruto the DP owns the Weston Hotel>

  • Ukraine Army obliterated completely by Pro – Russian Rebels in Donbass>

  • Businessman Wants Ruto to Refund Sh730 Million

    BUSINESSMAN Jacob Juma has written to the anti-graft authorities seeking the recovery of over Sh700 million from Deputy President William Ruto.

    Juma says the money was payment the DP allegedly received for selling a parcel of land in Ngong Forest to the Kenya Pipeline Company.

    Ruto was charged with fraud alongside Joshua Kulei, a one-time presidential aide, and Baringo Central MP Sammy Mwaita in 2003.

    But the three were acquitted by then Nairobi chief magistrate Gilbert Mutembei for lack of evidence.

    The case collapsed when the prosecution’s key witness – Hellen Njue, KPC’s chief finance manager – failed to appear in court and testify.

    According to Juma, the payment made by KPC, amounting to Sh272 million, should be recovered plus interest accrued over the years.

    The controversial businessman says the amount now stands at Sh728 million. This includes the principal amount plus interest at 12 per cent every year, for 14 years.

    In the letter, Juma has given the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission 14 days to institute proceedings with a view to recovering the money.

    The letter was also served on the DP’s office. “Failing to comply with this request to exercise your statutory mandate to recover these public funds, our client will be left with no choice but to take appropriate action,” part of the letter reads.

    Juma says in the letter that the EACC has a duty to protect and recover public revenue and the DP and Kulei have a liability to compensate KPC with interest.

    “The corporation [KPC] lost both the land, since it is gazetted forest land, and public funds, since no refund was made to it,” he says in the letter.

    Ruto faced a charge of fraudulently receiving money from Njue, then acting on behalf of KPC, by pretending he could sell 1.75 hectares in Ngong Forest to the corporation.

    The offence is said to have been committed on September 6, 2001.

    A source at the DP’s office, who asked not to be named, dismissed the allegations and insisted that the DP did not receive any money.

    Ruto’s spokesperson David Mugonyi said he cannot comment on the matter.

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