Insecurity: Kenyans Need to Take Up Arms to Protect Themselves, Says Martin Ngatia


  • According to no2 man (vice president) 100alshabab bandits var killed & their camp destroyed by KDF after they had massacred 28 innocent Kenyans whose bodies are displayed in the media. Why weren’t 100 bandits bodies displayed? or their destroyed camp? And anyway did anybody know that this camp was existing but was waiting for people to be killed before destroying it! How many more camps are existing in this area? God help us, our people are not safe even from their own government.

  • SOMALIA: Kenya airstrike targets Somali herders in response to Mandhera attack, official says

    Posted on November 25, 2014 Somali News

    Bulo Hawa (RBC) Kenyan warplanes have started targeting Somali civilians in Gedo region to react the recent Mandhera bus attack by Al Shabab militant group that killed 28 passengers, Bulo Hawa District Commissioner Yuusuf Faarax Kanti said.

    The Kenyan warplanes have hit small villages on the border between the two countries on Sunday and Monday targeting herds people and their animals.

    “At least two civilians were confirmed dead and a dozen of animals including goats and camels,” the DC added.

    He said the regional administration of Gedo Province complained the targeted attacks against the civilians to the officials of the neighboring country, and also raised these complaints to the Federal Government of Somalia.

    “It will be injustice and disregard to human lives if you suffer from the lose of innocent lives and then you kill other innocent lives.” the DC added.

    Meanwhile the community in Gedo region on Monday called the Kenyan army and their government to avoid the blindly and without objective targeting against civilians.

    Kenyan military spokesman on Monday claimed that they have killed 50 Al Shabab fighters on Sunday and 45 on Monday during these air strikes, but the local sources said these attacks were killing civilians.

    “Kenyans together with Somalia forces need to pursue Al Shabab by land, NOT throwing heavy bombs from air and kill innocent women and children,” Bula Hawada District Commissioner added.

    RBC Radio


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  • uuru the failure

    President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday made his first public address at the University of Nairobi, following his return from an official visit in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. “I have been out of the country for a few days as you have seen from the selfies in the newspapers” he said, while launching the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence campaign, the HeForShe Campaign for Gender Equality and the national policy on prevention and response to gender based violence. Regarding national security following the Mandera massacre, Uhuru said the government has put equipment and vehicles in place to support efforts to secure the country. He admitted that the officials in the security docket have failed but emphasized that the responsibility of ensuring safety prevails in the country lies squarely with the public. He said the government’s efforts would be meaningless without the public’s inherent responsibility. “We as a country should change our mindsets on security issues and ensure that we always watch our neighbours back, let us not wait for the officials to come and act. “No matter what we do as government, you can never find a police man guarding each and every citizen in this country, it can never happen,” he added, urging Kenyans to be responsible and cooperate with the police to curb insecurity. In the massacre that took place on Saturday morning, 28 non-Muslims were killed after al Shabaab militants raided a bus they were travelling in. Uhuru termed the stripping of women for ‘indecent’ dressing, coupled with other acts of violence, barbaric, and condemned the onlookers who did not help the victims. “The girls were not assaulted in a hidden place. Many people were watching as they enjoyed the whole act, In fact, many of them just took photos and did nothing,” he said.

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  • Nyeri women castrating rogue husband?

  • Kikuyu Mau-Mau Uhuru Kenyatta tribe are animals look how two(black Niggers ) raped this baby-girl>

  • Just listen to a mad-criminal President who has failed his Country .Remember Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy rigged election in Kenya>

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  • Former senior Deputy Police Commissioner resurfaced after he went missing and last time was see inside USA(American Embassy) with his car><

    Maina Diambo, Saitoti, Mutula, Thuo among others at one time nursed such believes that they were safe. Of course me and you know where they are. Maina Njenga has more than twice escaped the assassins bullets.
    It was reported that the entire police force was in panic mode when the gentleman disappeared. It sent chilling shivers to the police when his car was seen driving towards the US embassy.
    Ati '….Bensouda no longer interested in….' Didn't you hear her stating that, there is more information she requires from the govt of Kenya to fortify her case? Don't you also know that the provincial administration and some chief police officers were to be interviewed, but for obvious reasons the govt refused to allow the same? Do you think Mr. Okonya does not belong to that category?
    Did you also by any chance hear the immediate former witness in Ruto's case, testifying that there was an attempt to BRIBE him to recant his statement? Continue burring your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

  • This One Russian Aircraft carrier killer can sink USA’s these Huge Aircraft carrier like Nimitze etc>

  • Lion Killers in Kenya were British Jews>

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