SEK 25,000 Raised at Saturday’s Milka Solidarity Party/Prayer Meeting in Stockholm

On Saturday, November 22nd, Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers congregated at the residence of Milka Kamau to condole with the family following the passing of Milka’s dad in Kenya. Apart from being close to Milka at a critical time when her family needed support, mourners were also around the family to pray and to raise funds towards the funeral of Milka’s dad.

Immediately after the sad news broke out late last week, a “Family Support Committee” was set up by friends to address the urgent issue of how Milka could be assisted. The Committee, which was headed by Mark Gaya, subsequently called the Prayer cum Fund raising Meeting which was well attended.

Speaking to KSB soon after an evaluation of the event, Mr. Gaya thanked all Kenyans friends and people of good-will who heeded the Committee’s call and turned up to make the event a big success. He said that after the balancing of accounts, a total of 25.000 kr was raised in support of the family. Mr. Gaya said that the success of the event was a result of team work and solidarity by all those who were moved by the tragedy that had struck Milka’s family without notice.

Mr. Gaya thanked all Committee members who took various responsibilities plus all those who delivered on various assignments to make the event a success. He hoped that Kenyans and friends alike will continue to show solidarity with one another especially during times of need. He also thanked KSB for helping spread the message about the event to Kenyans and friends alike through the blog site, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup, Google+ and other Social Media networks in which KSB is represented.

Mr. Gaya said that according to information from the Milka family, the dad will be laid to rest on Wednesday, 26 November 2014.

Okoth Osewe

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