ODM’s Executive Director Magerer Frog-Matched From ODM Meeting For Saying that Raila Should Resign


  • Harry Hazueruth

    This should happen in Kenya –

  • Ati Turkana Sio KenyaOil-wars has began>

  • Pokot Legional News

    Pokot worriours killed over a company of GSU ‘s whose job is to kill and rape ,threaten kenya innocence civilians but when engaged in a fight they miserably becomes cannot fodder!What a shame ,hence not insured.There is no need to join/serve in Kenyan forces!
    Turkana, Kenya: At least 22 police officers and three civilians are feared following an early morning attack by suspected Pokot bandits in Turkana East yesterday. The incident happened at an area hit by the on-going wave of insecurity at the Kapedo border point between Baringo County and Turkana. Government sources said the officers and the three employees of Toyota Kenya were heading to Kapedo when the bandits ambushed them at Kasarani area along Kapedo-Lokori road in Turkana East Constituency. Local leaders from the scene counted 22 paramilitary GSU officers who perished but police in Nairobi said only eight officers and 22 police reservists were killed yesterday morning ambush at Kapedo. Police confirmed that 17 GSU officers were missing after the attack by bandits in the volatile region, adding that the GSU officers were in a lorry headed to a scene where their three colleagues were killed last Saturday when they were ambushed by the gunmen.

    Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo said many other officers were missing following the Saturday morning attack. “They were ambushed as they went to the area and we have many casualties. We can say about seven are confirmed dead and others are missing,” Kimaiyo said at the Wilson Airport before he and Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku flew to the scene at about 4pm yesterday. The two left to the crime scene after meeting President Kenyatta at State House for briefing. Earlier on, a military chopper had been spotted in the area as it joined the search operation for the missing officers who included those from the Kenya Police Reserve. Kimaiyo said they will conduct a major operation in the area to rid it of all illegal firearms.

    Earlier, Red Cross volunteer Boniface Korir told The Standard on Sunday that the 9am incident happened at Lokori area in Kapedo after the bandits attacked the lorry and van ferrying police officers, KPR personnel and civilians. ” Bandits ambushed the lorry which was heading to Kapedo, killing a number of people who were travelling in it. The exact number of people in the lorry has not been confirmed as there are survivors who escaped on foot,” said Korir. He said police officers managed to kill one of the raiders in the shoot-out during which the lorry was burnt to a shell by the raiders. Korir said the bandits also simultaneously attacked Red Cross personnel who responded to the distress call. Their vehicle, he said, was sprayed with bullets as it negotiated a corner in the volatile area despite having its flag raised. – Sunday Standard.

  • Local Pokot News

    GSU&APs met their rivals- you meet gun by gun >

  • A member of Parliament beaten by Kenya cops>

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