Bereaved Owili Family Says “Thank You Very Much” for Your Solidarity

The family of Charles Orwe (the Owili family) would like to thank all Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers who joined the them in mourning following the demise of Chalie’s mother in Kenya during the month of July this year.

Speaking to KSB, Charlie said that the family would like to thank everybody who gave them moral support or who showed solidarity with the family in any way following the death of his beloved mother.

“We are grateful to all those who came to be with us during that difficult time”, Charlie told KSB. He said that the burial went well and that currently, the family is in a long process of healing and accepting the will of the almighty God who had decided that it was time for his mom to be with her creator.

Charlie hoped that Kenyans in Stockholm and friends alike will continue to show solidarity with each other during such trying moments.

Okoth Osewe

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