More on Uhuru Heckling: Tables Turned Upside Down in Migori as Uhuru is Whisked Awy to Safety

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The situation seems to be getting worse for Uhuru Kenyatta on a daily basis. After the “military uniform” debacle last week which was widely criticized across the country as amateurish, Uhuru ran into new problems yesterday in Migori where chairs and tables were not only turned upside down but stones, shoes and other missiles were also thrown at Uhuru, prompting his security to whisk him away to safety.

Although he had travelled to Migori “to bring development” via free provision of mosquito nets to stop malaria in Migori county, Uhuru had hardly opened his mouth when pro-ODM youths started booing him. His host, Governor Okoth had even a rougher time because while Uhuru was able to mumble a few words before a security officer snatched the microphone for the President to be carted away to safety, Governor Okoth never got an opportunity to say anything because chaos erupted before he could take the microphone.

The problem is that governor Okoth is seen by locals to be a Jubilee mole in Nyanza. Last week, he ran into problems after being spotted with Sakajja, a top Jubilee operative, in a Nairobi hotel. As Okoth asserted his right to engage Uhuru as the President of Kenya, little did he know that ODM youths in Migori had vowed to disrupt the scheduled Uhuru function.

The trend of Uhuru Kenyatta being booed across the country or being unable to hold rallies in certain “hostile” regions is not surprising. Uhuru is paying the price of stealing an election through the conspiracy of Mount Kenya Mafia cartel. The lame duck prezzo cannot address rallies in Nyanza, Western, Eastern, North Eastern and parts of Nairobi province.

In fact, the only regions where Uhuru can feel safe is in his native Central province where he is worshiped by a segment of brainwashed or lumpen Kikuyus who have been made to believe that Kenya belongs to Kikuyus and that it is therefore correct for members of Kikuyu elite to steal each and every election to ensure that only a Kikuyu becomes President, now and in future.

The question which millions of Kenyans need to ask themselves is where the country is heading especially with an ICC suspect of a President who cannot visit certain regions within his jurisdiction because he is considered an illegitimate president who stole an election in order to come to power.

When Uhuru visited Kakamega a few weeks ago, he was thoroughly lectured by Boni Khalwale who was disappointed that the president had accepted to pay fake Anglo-Leasing bills. Then, when the president went to Kissi to preside over a function, he was given a thorough public lecture by politician Bachage who accused him of practicing tribalism in government. From Nyanza, Western, Eastern, North Eastern to Coast province, Uhuru is technically becoming a “persona non grata”. Under the circumstances, how can Uhuru govern Kenya?

If the president is not wanted by majority of his own people who view him as a fake President, then citizens ought to accept that the country has a problem. The habit of Uhuru being chased away everywhere he goes is likely to continue. This is very sad because it means that the President can only commute between Nairobi and Central province. Of cause, a situation in which a president is restricted in his own country by citizens who supposedly elected him can be hilarious. However, this situation is sad and should concern every right thinking Kenyan.

Okoth Osewe


  • Michelle a transgender?
  • Respect is duly earned. Demanding respect on the ”audacity” of the auspices of an office is not always historically feasible.

    Which respect has the presidency of Kenya earned, lately?

    —The presidency wired anglo-leasing compensation abroad in a very fishy deal
    —The presidency ordered a ship destroyed with cargo, violating a court order
    —The presidency is occupied by an indictee to the ICC. (Agreed the ICC is incompetent and should not be taken seriously any longer).
    —The presidency is occupied by the former minister of Errors at Finance
    —The presidency has not been able to arrest graft, and looks parochial
    —-The Presidency behaved despicably soon after the Mpeketoni attacks.
    —-The presidency, but may be merely overzealous adjutants, is perceived to have bullied the Kalifa too much on petty issues –like airport lavatories, bodyguards, official cars, pensions! And intimidating Macharia to suspend live coverage of some baba activities like Sabasaba!

  • the writer of this classic is spot on and should be awarded a prize of “Best Composition” regarding the situation of the prezzo in africa. Good job countryman! If I were a woman, I would gladly offer you my mbuzzi.

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