Uhuru Kenyatta Cuts Short Speech as he is Heckled in Migori by Rowdy Shoe-Throwing Youths

uhuru kenyatta

President Kenyatta’s security team rings the dais in Migori after his meeting was disrupted by pro-ODM youths.Shoes and other objects were thrown at the presidential dais creating a major panic among Uhuru’s security who soon ringed him. Uhuru had to abandon his speech as the unruly youths continued to heckle him. When the situation threatened to get out of hand, Uhuru abandoned his speech after which he was whisked to his car before driving off. Migori governor did not manage to address the gathering because he was constantly shouted down with missiles flying in the air. It was one of the most embarrassing moments for Uhuru Kenyatta at a public gathering since he came to power through a stolen election in April last year.


  • Uhuru in military uniform

    Can the Kenyan president wear military uniform?

    Although President Uhuru Kenyatta is the Commander in Chief of the Kenya Defense Forces, he is a Civilian Government leader, and as such, is not authorized to wear a military uniform in that office. Only Active Duty military and Veterans under certain circumstances are allowed to wear military uniforms. There are however, Flag officers who are sometimes appointed to civilian government positions, and though they are authorized to wear them, they typically wear civilian clothes rather than their military uniforms. They are authorized in those cases to wear that attire in those positions.

  • Uhuru In Military Uniform iwould like to remind you wearing a military uniform in a Nigger Africa has no meaning hence Military men in Kenya has a role of raping the poor and the weak citizens.Uhuru cannot change his Nigger behaviours ,thieving .tribalism etc.

  • Uhuru Kenyatta wearing Military uniform is no big deal.Its equal to an old mzee wearing diaper.nickers and stockings.butone and ambi.

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