Who Says Kenyans Should Pray Again?

Those calling for prayers have ugali on the table while those being told to pray are starving to death

Those calling for prayers have ugali on the table while those being told to pray are starving to death

Since flag independence in 1963, Kenya has been a “Praying Nation”. If God could come down to earth to solve problems in our Kenya, Kenyans could, by now, be living in absolute paradise. For more than 20 years after Moi came to power in 1978, we went down on our knees to pray for a multi-party state after Moi converted the country into an authoritarian one Party dictatorship where, we were told, KANU was our mama and baba. It was not until Kenyans abandoned prayers and went to the streets to pay with life and blood that multi-party was realized. The day when the country was set on fire and Moi gave in was baptized “Saba Saba” and the commemoration of this day usually goes with an evaluation of the country’s democratic and human rights situation. But that was just the beginning.

24 Years of prayers against the Moi/KANU dictatorship
Before the birth of Saba Saba, Kenyans had been praying for the vanquishing of the Moi/KANU dictatorship, prayers which ran for a staggering 24 years. As the bible says, God helps those who help themselves so apart from constant prayers, Kenyans set up NARC to help overthrow a regime that was not only mismanaged by the Kalenjin mafia cartel but was also propped up by the Kabarak Syndicate, a corrupt coterie of wealth grabbers who had held the country hostage using the state machine. In masterminding the Moi/KANU overthrow, the mission was dubbed the “NARC Revolution”. For a moment, we dumped prayers and went to the ballot and Moi (together with his corrupt clique) was overthrown. Even before Kenyans could finish celebrations, a new call to prayers was made.

Taking a pose from prayers to engage at Bomas
Consequently, Kenyans went down on their knees to pray. The problem was that although Moi was gone, citizens realized that the situation was still bad because the country was operating with an old Constitution that could not address the problems of the day. As they prayed for Moi to go, Kenyans had, on the side-lines, been praying for more than 20 years so that a New Constitution could descend from the sky and drop down so that the country’s problems could be resolved. Millions of Kenyans got stuck in church, crawling on their knees, castigating the devil and shouting hallelujah with all versions of the bible at hand. However, it was not until Kenyans took a pose from excessive prayers to engage at Bomas that a New Constitution was eventually promulgated on 27th August 2008.

In 2007, churches were burnt in Nairobi to prevent prayers

Burnt Church following election rigging in 2007

Burnt Church following election rigging in 2007

That was after citizens prayed for a free and fair election in 2007 and God refused to answer these prayers. This was because the devil used his satanic agents in government to rig elections and when citizens went down on their knees to pray for peace in the face of a rigged election, Sir God refused to answer our prayers, probably waiting for Kenyans to try and help themselves before he could intervene. The country abandoned prayers, churches were burned in Nairobi to prevent prayers while in Eldoret, citizens were roasted alive in church where they had sought refuge. Instead of further calls for prayers, we called Kofi Annan who resolved the conflict through the nusu mukate agreement. But that was after more than 1500 Kenyans were slaughtered, hundreds injured and more than half a million converted into internal refugees aka IDPs. Paradoxically, we have been praying for the last six years for the IDPs to be resettled and those who are supposed to resettle them are the same crooks telling us to pray so that national dialogue (a peaceful way of resolving the dispute9 does not take place.

If Kenyans concentrated on praying for a new Constitution in 2005, the country could probably have ended up with a mongrel constitution that was being pushed by the very satanic forces now calling for prayers. Instead of continuous prayers, citizens went and voted at the Referendum on 20th November 2005 and the mongrel constitution was rejected to open the way for the delivery of the real thing.

When the devil corrupted election results…
Even after it had been completed, the New Constitution could not have been adopted if Kenyans opted to open their bibles again and ask God to force the devil to influence his satanic agents to adopt it. Kenyans went and voted at a Referendum and the New Constitution was promulgated. Some elements who opposed the New Constitution are, today, telling Kenyans to rush to church and pray so that National dialogue does not happen. Isn’t this hilarious? With the New Constitution, we thought that we had finally nailed it.

We thought we had started the match to a new democratic Kenya where stealing of elections, muzzling of The Press, political assassinations, insecurity, corruption, unemployment, summary executions, unaffordable cost of living and other evils created by past satanic presidents and their mafia cartels  would be a thing of the past. So we thought!

Although God did answer our prayers and gave us a peaceful election, the devil came around and corrupted the results, leaving us with a stolen election, not once, but twice, in 2007 and 2013. Since then, we have been praying for God to help us “move on” under the new and corrupt regime of Uhuru Kenyatta but he has refused to answer our prayers because we are going nowhere.

Forces demonizing Baba are the very ones asking for prayers
Then, God summoned Baba to the United States to inspire him because the country is falling apart. For two months, millions of Kenyans prayed for Baba, hoping that a solution to ethnic appointments in government, insecurity, corruption and other vices bedeviling out country could end.

After meeting Baba at Uhuru Park, he called for National dialogue. Immediately after, the forces of darkness sitting at State House started demonizing Baba and now, these forces are asking for prayers so that National dialogue does not take place. As mentioned earlier, God helps those who try to help themselves.

Prayers alone will not put ugali on the table

First, put ugali on the table and every Kenyan will join in national prayers

First, put ugali on the table and every Kenyan will join in national prayers

Prayers without action will not end corruption, create jobs for the youth, reduce high cost of living, stream medicine in hospitals, vanquish the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel running government, end rampant tribalism in government, end insecurity across the country, stop looting of the economy, end Kikuyu ruling class arrogance, stop political assassinations, end muzzling of The Press or put ugali on the table.

Progressive and forward thinking Kenyans must not be brain-washed by Jubilee/Uhuru propaganda about prayers because in Kenya, religion has been converted into business. Let Uhuru and his satanic clique pray at State House as Kenyans match towards Saba Saba.

The Jubilee government is in a state of panic and bribing men of religion with stolen millions to trumpet the need for prayers when millions of deprived, exploited and poor citizens are calling for justice.

A hungry man is a hungry man

Muzzling free speech during Kibaki's dictatorship:

Muzzling free speech during Kibaki’s dictatorship:

Prayers and revolution do not mix. In Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine and other highly religious countries, prayers go hand in hand with armed resistance to oppression and injustice. The current campaign by panicking Jubilee operatives for national prayers to divert attention from Saba Saba is designed to pacify the oppressed so that they can continue being oppressed.

Those calling for prayers have ugali on the table while those being told to pray are starving to death. Anybody calling for national prayers in a situation where there is no food on the table must first feed the national congregation before calling for prayers. Even Jesus Christ first fed his congregation with fish before feeding them with the word of God. A hungry man is a hungry man and it is highly unlikely that the current hype for prayers will stop Saba Saba. For now, only time will tell and time is ticking.

Okoth Osewe


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