Mystery Surrounds Death of Kenyan Woman in Malmö

A Kenyan woman said to be in her early 30s has died under circumstances that remain mysterious. According to investigations by KSB, the woman was allegedly found dead in her apartment flat by the Swedish authorities who had apparently gone to the flat to check on her.

Sources say that the woman is a mother of two children aged 7 years and 9 months and that the Swedish authorities were prompted to dash to her apartment after her 7 year old went to school and told teachers that her mother had “refused to wake up”.

The kid had reportedly tried to wake up her mother to fix breakfast ahead of school but after many trials without success, the kid gave up and went to school and reported the incident. According to sources, the woman had no known ailment and no one is able to understand how she passed away.

Alarmed, the teachers alerted the Swedish authorities and an ambulance was called to the apartment after which medics pronounced the woman dead before the body was transported to the mortuary. Subsequently, the children were taken over by the Swedish authorities for safe custody.

Following the death, the family in Kenya has been informed and Kenyans in Malmö will have to raise funds for the body to be transported back home for burial. The tragedy has shocked the Kenyan community in Malmö who knew the Kenyan woman as a kind hearted and loving person.

A post mortem is yet to be conducted on the woman’s body to establish the cause of death. In the meantime, the woman’s friends in Malmö have been plunged into deep mourning.

Okoth Osewe 

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