Kenya Woman’s Baby Snatched by Swedish Social Authorities

Göran Skog and Maggy During the good old days

Göran Skog and Maggy During the good old days

I have been silent, watching slanders from Göran who has been tarnishing my name and even making accusations against me but the truth shall always prevail. No one knows the truth about our collapsed relationship more than me and the Kenyan Embassy which has been investigating this matter.

I, Margaret Maragwa, reported constant abuse against me to the Swedish police. I told police that Mr. Göran Skog, a Swedish citizen, once beat me, almost to death while I was pregnant. I ended up being admitted to hospital in critical condition and later taken to a women’s shelter.

This is not a fabrication and I can substantiate everything I am saying to anybody at any time. After beating me and leaving me for dead, Mr. Skog later organized with social workers to grab my sweet baby from me. Currently, I don’t know the whereabouts of my baby. He is the only one now allowed to pay visits to the baby.

I have, on several occasions, raised serious concerns about the well-being of my child but all the time, what I get is torture, humiliation, discrimination and racism. Göran is well known to the Social authorities in Hörby as a drunkard, child abuser and woman molester but they still leave him to see the baby because he is white. Instead of helping me, the social authorities are covering him up while keeping me away because they want to deport me to Kenya. They want to raise my child without me after stealing my baby.

If the accusations and allegations Göran made against me were true, why is he threatening my life? Furthermore, he is an alcoholic, a rapist and has a criminal record. Is this justice? Why does the Swedish authorities like covering whites even after they have killed, murdered and brutalized women? Göran Skog has tortured me and now he wants me to keep quiet?  I will fight for my rights until justice is done and those who are talking rubbish about me can just continue but one day, justice will be done. As for Göran, know that I will never rest until I get my baby back. This is just the beginning.

Margaret Maragwa

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  • Sudanese refugee in tree in Germany
  • Sudanese refugee in tree in Germany

    Treetop asylum: Refugee vows to ‘stay up’ against the Berlin ‘colonial’ system

    Published time: April 11, 2014 22:27

    A Sudanese asylum seeker has moved to the treetops in central Berlin after local authorities evicted her refugee camp. Police forbid residents bringing her food or water, but Napuli Langa vows to stay aloft till death in a fight for her dignity.

    Wrapped in an anorak and a blanket, Langa, 25, has already spent three days on branches atop a tree in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood, just walking distance from main tourist landmarks.

    Hoping that weak and exhausted she will sooner or later jump down, police have spread out cushions on the ground. But Langa does not seem to be giving up.

    “I am happy protesting for my rights and as long my energy can take me, I will stay here,” Langa shouted to RUPTLY’s crew under the tree.

    She has vowed to expose what she says are the “colonial”methods Germany uses in treating refugees and asylum seekers from outside Europe and, particularly, Africa.

    “In German constitution, paragraph one says ‘the dignity of human being is untouchable,’ so now, is it? Mine is untouchable or touchable now? It’s a question,” she told RUPTLY.

    On Friday she expressed a need for medical attention for her foot, but still does plan to come down.

    From 2012 until Tuesday, the day when Langa climbed into the tree, she lived in an encampment, occupied by over 200 refugees and asylum seekers. Langa along with others like herself launched their movement “Enough”. Living in tents on Oranienplatz, for 18 months they demonstrated against the German asylum system, deportations, provision of residential care and so on.

    On Tuesday authorities agreed to evict the encampment and clear Oranienplatz from crowds of migrants.

    “They are travelling all over Africa, but the Africans cannot come to Europe, they are taking community to there, but the African cannot have community here. They only suck Africa,”Langa says.

    Despite the eviction, there are still her fellow refugees on the street from the former Oranienplatz refugee camp. They are holding a hunger-strike in solidarity with Langa.

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  • Margaret, I feel your pain but having read past complaints from Göran that you used to beat him too, chances are that you will lose your child unless you cooperate with the Swedish authorities handling your case. You should seek help for anger management and if you do imbibe certain chemicals, control your limits and show more responsibility. Being aggressive before the Swedish authorities will not be helpful.

    Despite the fact that Swedish laws tend to favor women in cases of domestic abuse, you should have been careful about your initial reactions whenever you encountered marital problems. It is rare for women to lose custody of their children in Sweden unless they have serious problems which must be investigated and assessed individually. If Göran has evidence that you almost killed your child during a domestic conflict, then you can be legally charged for violence.

    As a person still processing your residential permit, you should have known that involving yourself with violence and getting your name recorded at the Social authorities and Police, could jeopardize your current stay and the quest for Swedish citizenship later on. Good luck!

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