Friends of Late Karundi Mathenge to Fundraise for Funeral at Hallunda this Friday

Mathenge Karundi together with other Kenyans demonstrate outside the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm to protest the capyure of Abdullah Ocalan in Kenya in 2002

Mathenge Karundi (in blue holding a megaphone) together with other Kenyans picket outside the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm to protest the capture of Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK leader, in Kenya in 2002

Following the passing of former Stockholmer, friends of the late Karundi Mathenge will fund raise in support of his funeral that will take place on Saturday 22nd March 2014. The funds drive will take place at Hallunda Bar on Friday, March 7th from 17.00 hrs.

Speaking to KSB, Mr. Martin Ngatia said that the late Karundi was foced to flee to exile to continue with the anti-Moi struggle because he loved Kenya. Mr. Ngatia said that one way of honoring Karundi following his departure is for friends to show solidarity with his bereaved family by meeting and being part of his funeral arrangements.

Mr. Karundi returned to Kenya a few years ago to settle back home following the ascension to power of former President Mwai Kibaki. At the time he left Sweden to resettle in Kenya, Mr. Karundi was the Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) that was being headed by Kibaki. At one time, Karundi hosted president Kibaki at his residence in Alby when Kibaki came to Stockholm to campaign in the run up to the 2002 General elections.

The departure of Mr. Karundi will, most likely, be felt by many Kenyans who knew him since his days of student activism at the University of Nairobi before he fled Kenya to Tanzania from where he made his way to Sweden during the early 80s. The initiative takers appeal to Karundi’s friends, well-wishers and sympathizers to turn up at Hallunda to celebrate the life of a Kenyan who gave majority of his time on earth to the liberation of Kenya.

Okoth Osewe


  • Early 80s in Stockholm? I doubt that.Iwas the quintessential diplomat during that time and never encountered him un less there is change of name..Listen to the farmiliar characters whom Iam informed by KSB have since passed on .CHARLES NJONJO,ARTHUR OPOT,JOHN PETER OMITI,ARNOLD ODHIAMBO OKAKA,JAMES WUOD MAGERO,KIMONDO,MUTAHI aka MZEE WANGU,

    KSB: George, be informed that Karundi came to Stockholm soon after the 1982 coup. Also, note that out of all the names you mention, non of the personalities were in exile like Karundi so they may have been visiting you at the Embassy. You might not have met Karundi probably because non of the Kenyans in exile at that time were in contact with the Kenyan Embassy which was perceived to be populated by their opponents representing the autocratic Moi dictatorship, the same regime that appointed you as a diplomat. Karundi arrived in the early 80s together with others like Onyango Sumba, Opwapo Ogae, Martin Ngatia, Jack Mulo, Ayieko Singoro just to mention but a few. Sumba, Singoro and Ogae have also passed on but you don’t mention them, probably because you don’t know them too. Back to you!


    KSB: And he too was not in exile and therefore may have been free to visit you at your residence!

  • Elephant Memory

    Is this the corrupt George Ngulu, who used to sellthe controversial whisky from the Kenya Embassy which was suspected to have been poisoned to get rid of dissidents in assylum who were opposing Dictator Daniel Arap Moi.Somebody should investigate this George Ngulu . The man smells government spy.

  • Where you stayed has no bearing whatsoever on Karundi’s passing and interestingly too is the fact that you term the residence the Kenya Government leased for your stay as “your” residence. Furthermore, you must have lived in a self-imposed vacuum while in Stockholm since the exiles named by KSB seem quite unfamiliar to you. These gentlement KSB has mentioned were and are known by all Kenyans who even passed through briefly in Stockholm in the 1980’s. There are many quintessential Kenyans that were and still are in Stockholm that would regard you as an inconsequential enigma since you failed to make any memorable or lasting impression during your stay here. Perhaps it would be best if you confined yourself to a subject you are familiar with and spare KSB readers the embarrassment of experiencing your shocking ignorance, especially so after claiming to being the quintessential diplomat of the time at the Kenyan Embassy. It can be plainly deduced that your representing Kenya in a diplomatic capacity in Stockholm was both tragic and comical, as was the government of the day.

  • A warning to women who dreams of big backs>

  • Wapapa Gerry Changa

    Mimi kama veteran Gerry, nilimfahamu marehemu Karundi tangu the 80s nilipokuwa nikifanya Kenya Embassy kama dereva. Nilimjuwa sana tangu mwisho wa 83, 84. Karundi ambaye pia alijulikana kama Aziz, hakuwa akitembelea ubalozi kwa ajili alikuwa mkimbizi na wakubwa wa Embassy hawakuwa wanakubaliwa huko. Balozi Wanyoike ndiye aliyekuwa mkubwa. Wewe George Ngulu ulikuwa Junior Diplomat hapa.

  • Waiting for the train
  • Dear KBS. Sad news indeed. May Mathenges soul rest in peace. I received the news a few minutes ago when I checked on KSB. I knew Mathenge so well. He was an exile so committed to making kenya a democratic country and when time came he returned to Kenya to help dempcracy grow some roots. Unfortunately as he found out later the politicians he trusted were to be of help and would welcome his contribution failed him and even could not support him in anyway. But he decided to stay on hopping all will be ok and those politicians would open their eyes and do what democracy entails. But they didnt- The last time I met him was in Kenya some 3 years ago and we talked for some time..
    He was a good man here in Stockholm and when I came to Sweden to begin another round of life in exile Mathenge became my interpreter with my case. He gave me alot of moral support together with the late Onyango Sumba. They were agreat help for us here. I remember he used to attend demonstrations here and many other meetings arrangeed by exiles in Stockholm led by Osewe and Martin Ngatia. I miss the right words to express my sorrow but all I can say Kenya has lost a patriot.

    KSB: Thanks Dick.

  • Click to access 01828.pdf

    MUST READ. They lived to tell of what it meant to demand for justice and equality for all.

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