The Late Consolata Ndege Lagerholm To Be Buried in Sweden

The late Consolata

The late Consolata

Mrs. Consolata Ndege Lagerholm, a Kenyan woman who passed away on December 14th 2013, will be buried in Sweden. According to Mr. Charles Otieno Owiyo, the Coordinator of the “Consolata Funeral Committee in Stockholm”, the Kenyan and Swedish families of the late Consolata have come to a mutual agreement that she will be laid to rest at Maria Kyrka in Märsta, Stockholm.

At the time of her death, Consolata was married to Lagaerholm, a Swedish man, who is also part of the funeral arrangements. The Consolata Committee is headed by Teresa Mawa (Chairlady) with Milka as the Treasurer and Niko as the Secretary. The Committee has contacted Consolata’s family in Kenya and an agreement has been reached to the effect that Consolata be buried in Sweden.

According to a communique released by the Committee and availed to KSB, an “Open House” has been set up daily at Teresa’s residence at Frejgatan 9 in Märsta. Mourners, well-wishers and sympathizers are all welcome to condole with the bereaved family following the sudden loss of Consolata whose death has left many Kenyans who knew her in deep shock and sorrow.

Speaking to KSB, Charles Otieno said that Consolata is survived by four children and her husband Lagerholm. Although two of the children are resident in Stockholm, Consolata’s two other children are still in Kenya. A Committee meeting held on Friday, December 27th resolved that the two children (all under 18) would be flown to Sweden to attend their mother’s funeral.

Consequently, the Committee resolved that a funds drive will be held on Saturday 4th January 2014 to raise money towards two tickets so that Consolata’s children can travel to Sweden. Mr. Otieno said that the Committee is targeting SEK 20,000 towards the ticket project and other overhead expenditures.

A bank account number 8327-9,914 093 188-3 at Swedebank has been fixed to enable those who will not be able to make it to the funds drive to deposit their contributions. Otie appealed to Kenyans, friends, sympathizers and well-wishers to respond positively to the funds initiative so that Consolata’s children can be present at their mother’s funeral. Otie told KSB that the two children are in the process of acquiring Kenyan passports in preparation for their trip to Sweden.

The date of Consolata’s burial has not been fixed because much depends on when the Committee will be certain that Consolata’s children will be able to travel on time for their mother’s funeral. Consolata passed away following a short illness after she suffered a major stroke a few months ago. Further information about all arrangement can be obtained through Chairlady Teresa at: 0737628489.

Okoth Osewe

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