Ambassador Sang’s Kenya at 50 Celebration at Husby Was a Big Flop

Ambassador Sang's "Kenya at 50" celebration at Husby Träff last Friday suffered a huge set back after it was boycotted by majority of Kenyans in Stockholm, forcing the Ambassaor to entertain tens of ghetto youths who crammed the hall to enjoy free beer and food.

Ambassador Sang’s “Kenya at 50” celebration at Husby Träff last Friday suffered a huge set back after it was boycotted by majority of Kenyans in Stockholm, forcing the Ambassador to entertain  ghetto youths who showed up to enjoy free beer and food. A Report is in the works.


  • Mara amenyima Mkenya choo na sherehe za Kenya at 50 akapanga na watu wake kwa siri na kadhalika. Huyu mnyama Sang kweli ni mtu ovyo kabisa.

  • tweeting Sang is nowhere in Twitter world.

  • sang and toilet troop

    Here is Sang and his apartheid toilet troop.

  • Usimuamini nyoka anaevaa ngozi ya malaika. Sang aliingia na uso wa furaha na kujifanya mkarimu, mpole na eti atashirikiana na Wakenya. Ungedhani mara hii tumempata mzalendo kumbe ibilisi kama yule mama vitenge aliyeondoka.

  • Sang made many Kenyans boycott last Sunday’s church festival to mark Kenya at 50.

  • Mr Sang the Kenya Ambassador in Scandinavian countries stationed in Stockholm belongs to a dooms-day Secret Church organization >

  • ICC Prosecutor requests an adjournment of the provisional trial date of Uhuru for three months

    in Case 1 : Uhuru Kenyatta / by admin / on December 20, 2013 at 11:33 am /

    I filed an application with the Judges requesting an adjournment of the provisional trial date in the case of the Prosecutor v. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (ICC-01/09-02/11).

    My decision is based solely on the specific facts of this case devoid of extraneous considerations. As Prosecutor, I have consistently stated my actions and decisions are at all times strictly guided by the evidence in accordance with the Rome Statute legal framework. This recent decision is no different. It is my professional duty to react, and to take the necessary decisions when the state of the evidence changes, as it has in this case.

    In the last two months, one of the Prosecution’s key witnesses in the case against Mr. Kenyatta has indicated that he is no longer willing to testify.

    More recently, on 4 December 2013, a key second witness in the case confessed to giving false evidence regarding a critical event in the Prosecution’s case. This witness has now been withdrawn from the Prosecution witness list. Having carefully considered my evidence and the impact of the two withdrawals, I have come to the conclusion that currently the case against Mr. Kenyatta does not satisfy the high evidentiary standards required at trial.

    I therefore need time to complete efforts to obtain additional evidence, and to consider whether such evidence will enable my Office to fully meet the evidentiary threshold required at trial.

    Our pursuit of justice for the victims of the 2007-2008 post-election violence in Kenya has faced many challenges. Notwithstanding, my commitment and that of my staff to the pursuit of justice without fear or favour has remained firm.

    It is precisely because of our dedication and sense of responsibility to the victims that I have asked the Judges presiding over the case for more time to undertake all remaining steps possible to strengthen the case to ensure justice for the victims.

    To the people of Kenya, my decision to apply for an adjournment today was not taken lightly and I have explained fully to the Judges the reasons for my exceptional decision. I have and will continue to do all that I can to realise justice for the victims of the 2007-2008 post-election violence.

  • Do not field comments on Kenya at 50 based on your ethnicity. I think the ambassador did a great job. At 50 years its not about who is the current president. whether Luo or not. note that for mere citizens like you or me , we fight about who is who. But the problem is the big shots always take care of each other look at Raila and uhuru. Yet you and me are left as enemies, yet they don’t care.

    KSB: John, just make your point and stop spreading hate speech which has had to be deleted. Also, stop your tribalist rant and make constructive contributions which can be published. Here in Stockholm, Wakikuyu and Wajaluo you are ranting about live in peace, love and unity. A few days ago, all ethnic groups united here in Stockholm to raise Ksh 1 million to help transport the body of Keegan, a Kikuyu, to Kenya.

  • Of course thanks for publishing my reply. Truth be told, Okoth, you have helped greatly in uniting Kenyans in your area. You are a role-model of development and unity.You can publish long extracts of your own opinion and direct your blog to a certain opinion but the good thing is that you allow others like me to express their opinions as well. In the end, you will never change reality but you can influence thinking and opinion positively. You are a big asset to unity and development. High on knowledge but low on gossip. Do you ever consider going back home and be the President to vet corruption which you understand after studying ?? Thanks you very much Okoth!

    KSB: John, that is the way to go. Let us all foster unity while fighting injustice from government regardless of whether it is Jubilee or not. You are now in the right direction and keep it up!

  • N.S.A. Dragnet Included Allies, Aid Groups and Business EliteBy JAMES GLANZ and ANDREW W. LEHREN
    Published: December 20, 2013 194 Comments
    Single Page
    Secret documents reveal more than 1,000 targets of American and British surveillance in recent years, including the office of an Israeli prime minister, heads of international aid organizations, foreign energy companies and a European Union official involved in antitrust battles with American technology businesses.

    Multimedia The N.S.A.’s Evolution
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    News Analysis: A Legacy in the Balance on Surveillance Policies (December 20, 2013)
    Obama Weighing Security and Privacy in Deciding on Spy Program Limits (December 20, 2013)
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    Has Snowden Been Vindicated?
    Do criticisms of N.S.A. programs by a presidential panel and a federal judge show that Edward Snowden is a principled whistleblower?

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    While the names of some political and diplomatic leaders have previously emerged as targets, the newly disclosed intelligence documents provide a much fuller portrait of the spies’ sweeping interests in more than 60 countries.

    Britain’s General Communications Headquarters, working closely with the National Security Agency, monitored the communications of senior European Union officials, foreign leaders including African heads of state and sometimes their family members, directors of United Nations and other relief programs, and officials overseeing oil and finance ministries, according to the documents. In addition to Israel, some targets involved close allies like France and Germany, where tensions have already erupted over recent revelations about spying by the N.S.A.

    Details of the surveillance are described in documents from the N.S.A. and Britain’s eavesdropping agency, known as GCHQ, dating from 2008 to 2011. The target lists appear in a set of GCHQ reports that sometimes identify which agency requested the surveillance, but more often do not. The documents were leaked by the former N.S.A. contractor Edward J. Snowden and shared by The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel.

    The reports are spare, technical bulletins produced as the spies, typically working out of British intelligence sites, systematically tapped one international communications link after another, focusing especially on satellite transmissions. The value of each link is gauged, in part, by the number of surveillance targets found to be using it for emails, text messages or phone calls. More than 1,000 targets, which also include suspected terrorists or militants, are in the reports.

    It is unclear what the eavesdroppers gleaned. The documents include a few fragmentary transcripts of conversations and messages, but otherwise contain only hints that further information was available elsewhere, possibly in a larger database.

    Some of the surveillance relates to issues examined by an advisory panel in Washington, which on Wednesday recommended stricter limits on the N.S.A., including restrictions on spying on foreign leaders, particularly allies. In a response to questions by The Times, the N.S.A. said that it was reviewing how it coordinates with allies on spying. A GCHQ spokesman said that its policy was not to comment on intelligence matters, but that the agency “takes its obligations under the law very seriously.”

    The reports show that spies monitored the email traffic of several Israeli officials, including one target identified as “Israeli prime minister,” followed by an email address. The prime minister at the time of the interception, in January 2009, was Ehud Olmert. The following month, spies intercepted the email traffic of the Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, according to another report. Two Israeli embassies also appear on the target lists.

    Mr. Olmert said in a telephone interview Friday that the email address was used for correspondence with his office, which he said staff members often handled. He added that it was unlikely that any secrets could have been compromised.

    “This was an unimpressive target,” Mr. Olmert said. He noted, for example, that his most sensitive discussions with President George W. Bush took place in private. “I would be surprised if there was any attempt by American intelligence in Israel to listen to the prime minister’s lines,” he said.

    Mr. Barak, who declined to comment, has said publicly that he used to take it for granted that he was under surveillance.

    Despite the close ties between the United States and Israel, the record of mutual spying is long: Israeli spies, including Jonathan Jay Pollard, who was sentenced in 1987 to life in prison for passing intelligence information to Israel, have often operated in the United States, and the United States has often turned the capabilities of the N.S.A. against Israel.

    The interception of Mr. Olmert’s office email occurred while he was dealing with fallout from Israel’s military response to rocket attacks from Gaza, but also at a particularly tense time in relations with the United States. The two countries were simultaneously at odds on Israeli preparations to attack Iran’s nuclear program and cooperating on a wave of cyberattacks on Iran’s major nuclear enrichment facility.

    A year before the interception of Mr. Olmert’s office email, the documents listed another target, the Institute of Physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an internationally recognized center for research in atomic and nuclear physics.

    Also appearing on the surveillance lists is Joaquín Almunia, vice president of the European Commission, which, among other powers, has oversight of antitrust issues in Europe. The commission has broad authority over local and foreign companies, and has punished a number of American companies, including Microsoft and Intel, with heavy fines for hampering fair competition. The reports say that spies intercepted Mr. Almunia’s communications in 2008 and 2009.

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    Katrin Bennhold contributed reporting from London, David E. Sanger from Washington and Ethan Bronner from New York.

  • Okoth. Am satisfied because you published my original message. Of course you can edit it in case you suspect hate speech.
    thanks a lot.

    KSB: John, you are always welcome to air your views at KSB. Just keep away from tribalism and hate speech. We are glad that you get the message.

  • >I think the ambassador did a great job.<

    John: What great job did Sang do, yet the complaints listed challenge his poor way of conducting the Kenya at 50 celebrations?

  • Sang should hopefully learn from his bad arrangements for Kenya at 50. His diplomatic immunity does not protect him from attacks on social media. If he mistreats his domestic help, he will be aired out here to dry. He should have learnt from Purity’s mistakes listed at KSB.

  • kufinywa makende

    The Roman Catholic has a Christmas message to Mr Ruto:

    “You are being set up for failure just like Raila was used and finished. Look at Uhuru’s advisers and see they were Kibaki’s advisers too. How can you accept to be the messenger of doom on the planned laying off of 100, 000 workers?”

  • Hii John Kabila gani haina kichwa?

  • Sang: have a merry Christmas and hope you will be smarter for next year’s Madaraka and Jamhuri Day celebrations. Consult widely to get along with Wakenya in Stockholm otherwise you will be Daily News at KSB. It’s a tough crowd, ask Purity!

  • RAYCHELLE OMAMO Busted Watching PONOGRAPHIC Material And Accidentally Posts Link On Facebook

    Posted on December 19, 2013

    The cabinet secretary for defence has been known for taking low profile or a backseat. Her prowess was highly questioned during the recent Westgate where as the defence ministry boss she took a laid back position a move that critics used to ponder her as just a joyrider in the government.

    Internet has diversity of material and people engage in all manners of activities when online,you can always do anything unnoticed but things could go against your wishes when you accidentally push the share button and the activity beamed to your followers.

    One Raychel Omamo has fallen a victim,seems like she was chilling in her office or anywhere watching some adult flicks and unknowingly the video was shared to her Facebook followers.

    The activity shocked the followers who accused her of being too.idle and engaging in unethical activity,Facebook has strict policies and since its a family friendly site,pornography is not entertained and coming from a minister many were left tongue wagging.

    Having realized the mistake done,she quickly deleted the post that exposed her behind screens activity but it was already too late,the screenshots of the post had already been taken into one’s gallery.

  • Dr Sang Kenya Ambassador in Stockholm at her Sisters’s FGM in Kenya the girl 3rd in low is Sang’s sister undergoing FGM >

  • Sang grew up in the ghettos so he was right to take the celebrations to Husby träff.

  • What a difference between Sang’s horrible treatment of Kenyans in Stockholm and that of the Kenya Embassy staff in Juba, South Sudan who are kind and provide help to the injured needing evacuation. Sang should beg his God that he worships everyday and kneels before in church on Sundays to show loyalty. Forgiveness is what he should ask for because the scandals of Husby Träff and denying toilet facility to Kenyans at the Embassy are things that elevate him to the Devil’s High chair. Here is his relative jailed in England.

  • Sang comes from very primitive savenges that force small girls by performing FGM

  • Is Kenya successful?

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