KSB Reaches 3 Million Hits Since Inception

okoth osewe

Okoth Osewe: Many thanks to KSB readers

KSB crew is pleased to announce that the blog site has just hit the 3 million mark in hits since it was established in July 2006. According to latest statistics, the blog site has registered 1,008,840 hits this year alone, up from 531,089 hits same time last year. The 2013 figure represents an increase of over half a million hits making 2013 the year when KSB has registered maximum hits.

Another significant observation from the statistics is that the increase in 2013 hits has translated into more daily hits with 2013 having registered an average of 2,872 hits as compared to 2012 when average daily hits stood at 1,451. So far, the biggest daily hit ever registered at KSB was on 8th March 2013 when the counter registered 33,475 hits. This was 4 days after the disputed March 4th elections, time when massive election propaganda was also rolling at KSB.

KSB crew would like to thank all our esteemed readers who have religiously paid a visit to the blog site for quality news, unique analysis, announcements, humour and feature storos which have become a mark of KSB. We take this opportunity to thank all writers, KISS agents, supportive staff, “storo collectors” together with all news makers who have contributed to the growth of the site in terms of readership, authority and a point of online interaction.

Apart from covering events in Kenya-Stockholm, KSB has also veered into other news items which have been of enormous interest to readers. With time, the blog site has consistently established an international audience within its readership while at the same time satisfying the local Kenya-Stockholm readers.

At times, KSB crew has been unable to cover every event happening in Kenya-Stockholm as a result of constraints of time and logistics. At the “Storo depot” a pile of timeless tales are waiting for their day at KSB and we hope to deliver depending on circumstances. The Crew continues to work overtime to bring quality content and in the coming year, readers can only expect more material that will continue to make KSB a daily destination.

During 2013, KSB had to change its theme (outlook) because the old theme that was written in 2006 when the blog site was set up could no longer be updated due to advances in technology. The old theme was not designed with social media integration possibilities and when it became apparent that KSB was losing on the social media front, the theme had to be changed. The good news is that many readers welcomed the new theme and members of KSB crew are all happy.

The KSB management would like to reiterate that just like in the past, the blog site will remain open to serve the Kenyan, African and other communities who find its content relevant. We welcome any proposals and suggestions that might lead to an improvement in quality and service as 2013 comes to a close. Once again, we thank all readers for their time and we look forward to a better and even more engaging content next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Okoth Osewe
KSB President

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  • Congratulations KSB for the great leap foward achievements over recent times since lounch in 2006. On the theme factor, What was the theme then and now henceforth.would you please elaborate more on the subjective and objective description of the THEMEs ?

    KSB: Thanks Mzalendo. The theme simply refers to the physical outlook of the site which had to be changed. The old theme could not effectively accommodate social media and that is why it had to be changed. Regards.

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