A Background View of the Diplomats Enjoying Kenya at 50 at Ambassador’s Residence

kenya at 50_4


  • Sang amedinya kweli

    It is still NOT YET UHURU 5o years later. Sang a Black Kenyan worshipping whites instead of meeting fellow Kenyans. The photo makes one wonder if Kenyans are whites and the few blacks are the foreigners diplomats who were invited. Congratulations Joe Sang umedinya kweli na hii mapinduzi!

  • Where are the Kaffir’s /niggers? there are no where you can see Kenya Niggers& kaffirs? in a 50 years celebrations?Uhuru Kenyatta should bilt many toilets in Kenya hence poor hygiene. I hope the diplomats has toilet papers insted tree-leaves or old newspapers to wipe their asse’s at Sang residence!

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