Matilda Says Thomas Deserves Deportation to Kenya Because “His Brains Are as Small as His Balls”

Thomas and Matilda during the good old days

Thomas and Matilda during the good old days: Matilda claims that Thomas is stupid

Matilda, the Swedish woman who was ditched by Thomas, a Kenyan, because of “irreconcilable matrimonial differences” has begun a fight back to put her case across to help readers get both sides of the coin.

Commenting on the KSB storo that detailed circumstances of her romantic contacts with Thomas and the aftermath of what Thomas said, was “mistreatment”, Matilda told KSB that Thomas deserves what he got and that the ultimate pill would be for him to be deported to Kenya to rot in that Third World country for ever.

“If a Kenyan man lies to a Swedish white woman who loved him and wanted all the best for him, he deserves nothing less than becoming paperless and deported”, Matilda told KSB in a brief communiqué.

“He got the papers because of love – he should lose them because he loses love. Haven’t you guys who lie and cheat to white women in Stockholm learned anything”, she posed.

“There are 7-8000 men in prison just waiting to be deported – I hope this guy will be one of them. You use women for your own purposes. You are so young and stupid that you don’t see when it is time to be grateful for what you have. If your brains are as small as your balls, you don’t deserve anything but hell”, Matilda continued.

“And if a black man marries a black women with papers – and he doesn’t treat her well (read pay, clean, help out and being a good man to the black wife) he deserves nothing else but to be deported. I wish that all black men that used the women for papers were deported. You will be in hell, if not now – later. I wish you bad luck because you are good for nothing!” Matilda concluded.

Matilda Enbland


  • The World has changed she/he will have to pay for the time waisted,but all this depend on the lawyer you get. It can go either way not that simple.Remember the law is an ass!

  • Ogopa Donkey mutura laced with polonium>

  • Walemevu this is the typo that kenya women(young-ladies) from Kenya Exploit to fix permits (Mapeper) to stay in Europeans’ pradise

    Matilda says Thomas deportation back to Kenya.

  • The issue of papers is a very big deal to kenyans and Africans in general,as they hold ultra strong illussions that the papers poccess some extra ordinary powers that make them automatically superior to their paperless brothers and sisters,this anathema and indeed very low mentality is so deeply routed in their ignorant psyches that, even some of those claiming to hold reasonable levels of formal education or urban exposure are not immuned to the stupidity,actually what mostly divides Africans or Kenyans here is not tribalism,but papers, the social interactions and relations between the papered and the paperless is really tricky and complicated,e.g a gifted,brilliant and productive paperless African would be respected and appreciated more by Swedes and others but he or she would have no say in a group of unemployed,semi illiterate and at most times socially mulladjusted but papered fellow countrymen.This kind of mentality often puts alot of pressure on new arriving Africans,hence the desperate exploitation of sex and romance as a means of achieving the paper ends, lack of any efficient or reliable African or particullarly Kenyan soclal welfare organization that can assist in addressing such issues only worsens the matter, therefore,Kenyans and most Africans are always left at the mercy of tough conditional love assylum providers, when other options are either blocked or difficult.

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