Göran Skåg to Officially Divorce Kenyan Wife, Maggie

Göran and Maggie: The good old days

Göran and Maggie during the good old days: Göran says Maggie is small but very strong.

Göran Skåg, a Swede who has been having a bitter matrimonial war with Maggie, his former Kenyan lover, has said that he has started a divorce process to ensure that Maggie gets out of his life officially and for ever.

In a communication to KSB, Göran said that he was hiding from Maggie whom, he fears, might beat her again if they make contact. She said that throughout his life, he has never come into contact with such a strong woman who can wrestle a man to the ground with ease and then beat him thoroughly.

“She has been fooling me from the beginning to the end. I was so stupid because I filed for divorce in December last year but she promised me that she would stop beating and abusing me so I stopped the divorce”, Göran told KSB.

Göran said that when Maggie started battering him and using lies to fool him, he did not understand why. “Later, she told me that the beating, lies and stealing from me were due to pregnancy hormones”, the Swede said.

“I was so stupid and believed her. She promised me that she would tell everybody that everything she told KTN were lies including allegations that I was dating another girl”, Göran said.

The Swede said that he is worried because Maggie has threatened to ruin his life and lamented that since they met, Maggie has been fooling him so that he could make her pregnant, marry her and bring her to Sweden. “I can now say that she brainwashed me”, a bitter Göran told KSB.

“She is a professional in manipulation. She can cry when she wants. She is small but strong as Satan. God has now blessed me because I have woken up. She is a Kikuyu woman who loves money, beats men and steals from them. If anybody knows her, please, contact me because I think she has done this before”, Göran said with a lot of anger.

“She has a nine year old daughter called Taylor fathered by a man called Douglas. She is very evil”, Göran said and hoped for a new life after getting rid of Maggie so that she can wait to “burn in hell eternally for her sins”.

Okoth Osewe


  • Göran, r u a Real man? Why didn’t u report this brutal woman to the police then sue her in court? By now you’d be free without the headache u have tolerated for over one year.

  • I have reported her many times, every time i call the police, when she beat me, i went outside and wait for the police, then she hurt her self and told the police a different story, then there was no case, she is very clever, she have been in this game before me.

  • Stay away from her!

  • divorce is the best solution. make sure you send her back to Kenya. there men will beat her thoroughly.

  • Avoid her because u don“t know what she will do to u next time

  • Kadubai Blogspot

    This should serve as a warning to foreign white men. Think twice before getting hitched to that African girl.

  • Margaret maragwa

    i have been silent watching slunderas turnish my name and even accussing me forcely but the fact remains the truth shall prevail.no one knows the truth than me and the Kenyan embassy office which have been investigating the matter.i Margaret maragwa i reported the matter to the swedish police having that Mr Göran Skog swed citizen have been beating me to death while pregnant and ending to the hospital and later to women shelter, this is not an art or fabrication of words i can substantiate.he later organised with social workers they grabbed my sweet baby from me whom i dont know of where abouts and only him paying the visitition of the baby.i raised serious concerns about my child all i get is torture, humiliation & discrimination because Göran is well known to the social security in hörby.with this is for them to cover their own image and deport me back as they plan without my child of which they might b dreaming totaly.if the accusations and allegation Göran made were true somebody should ask why is he threatning my life? further more he is a alcoholist, rapist and has a criminal record, is this justice? why do people like covering whites they kill, murder, violet women n torture their lives and yet you want me to keep silent? i will fight for my rights until justice is told and those who are talking rubish let them continue coz they will never stop me from conducting justice and rights and this is for Göran to know.margaret

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